Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Who asked for the arrest of Emily's Dad ?

On May 28th 2004, Emily's dad was arrested by US Immigration - the official reason was a "technical violation" of his visa to attend court hearings. The violation ? Following the instructions of Orlando Border Patrol which resulted in the visa extension being filed ONE working day late - the penalty ? One month in prison and Emily subsequently allowed to go missing and become classified as endangered for over a year. This was an arrest and deportation that was unique - attorneys for both sides could not find a similar instance of this happening. So the question is .....why was this done and who was behind it ? Attached to this post are some of the papers recently uncovered while on my recent trip to Florida - the immigration arrest report of Agent Baehre which claims that the State Department instigated the investigation - something that the State Department has repeatedly denied. JOHN BALLIF is the former director of the Office of Children's Issues at the State Department who wrote a letter advising State had no authority to "request, instigate, or order your arrest or removal from the country" - he also wrote that immigration contacted the State Department - this too was untrue. The fax from BARBARA GREIG at the State Department clearly indicates she contacted Immigration and not the other way around - something confirmed by Agent Wayne Baehre to my attorneys.
If you believe this does not demonstrate State Department involvement - let me know why not - I have other evidence too. In my next post I'm going to show how BARBARA GREIG and Emily's mom, SHEILA FUITH, set Emily's dad up to be arrested in a no-win situation using Emily as the bait.


Anonymous said...

That is so ,so wrong ,does anybody care ,about the wellfare of the kidds anymore!!
As tax payers we all pay are share towards the wellfare system and yet this things are allowed to go on!

Anonymous said...

This Greig woman should be in jail not the father. It just lookd like this Greig character has been trying to cover her tracks with what she's done to you.
Karl, we're not all crazy like this woman keep going for Emilys sake.

Post the addresses of these people and I'll write to their bosses and my congressman, this is plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

I will leave this message as anonymous to protect other people's connections to me; however, the US Office of Children's Issues has harassed me, going as far as to state I did not have custody of my children. People in the OCI and the NCMEC have made telephone calls to law enforcement telling them not to assist me in stopping my daughter from leaving the country to meet a man she met on MySpace. I have documentation to support my comments. You may remove my comment from your blog if this truth is too offensive. I would like to know more about your case.
American Citizen

Anonymous said...

The Office of Children's Issues has a scandalous track record a mile long. They have ignored or refused to handle many international child abduction in the past because of laziness, lack of education and/or bias. When will the U.S. government wake up and dump this wasteful agency and find a reliable way to bring our children home. I have to keep myself anonymous because the Office of Children's Issues would like do something to create further hindrance in the return of my child.

Anonymous said...

I am also having trouble with the State Department. In my field, I am a professor of communication, we have a saying that you cannot not communicate: I message feel the state department is sending me is the following:

"We are going to pretend we are doing something but really we are not going to do anything."

So far the state department has tried to tell me that a change of custody court order is invalid - my ex wife lost custody of my children for violating visitation -because my ex was granted custody first in 2004.

They also asked me to send additional copies of my children's birth certificates. I first sent them copies of kids birth certificates in 2004.

Finally, the state department sent me a so-called list for attorneys who handle Hague issues. There was only one law office listed for Windsor Ontario. I called the office and they said they have not handled hague cases for years.

My name is Thomas Pear. I was a former newspaper reporter and have been a journalism professor. I really believe we need to get together and bring these issues to public attention while we are in a presidential election year.

Anonymous said...

An insight to what may lay ahead for me! I have a Son of 5 years of which i have never seen, mother one Anita Johnson, of Jacksonville Fla, left pregnant London, in 2003.

She took up residence with a friend who had had a child with a child sex predator. In close residence was one John Bauder, also listed on the Florida Child Sexual Offender's register, who had access to what i believe was the accommodation of which my child was born into.

Interesting, Lawyer's, yep i received an email from a 'Lawyer', one, the lawyer's 'office' number was answered by a CHILD! The impersonation of US Department of Children and Family Officials was also used (does this sound familiar?).

One phone call was received two weeks ago from the Ex 'Wife', my 'Son' on the phone. The Ex telling me 'she would move to England tomorrow', how odd. Still in 1986 she was 'Baker Acted', (aka sectioned to us Brits). A history of mental illness seems to extend to other's within her family, but of course she get's full and sole custody! No contact with minor child, until further ordered by the courts. I don't have the cash.

I do have some advice, think very carefully, if like me you meet a person online, as i met this woman.

Sympathy, as i too will not give up on my 'Son' Taylor Johnson!

Emily is in my thoughts and prayer's, equally from now on to my 'son'.