Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Visa Shenaniggins Part 3

Loud knock on the door this morning as I was slurping a coffee after packing the little darlings off to school.

"I have a passport for you sir, from the US Embassy."

Sign for the packet and rip it open to see if the visa is real - yes it is but ....

Hang on a minute?

Expires on 20th May?

But trial period as Judge Doyle wrote to the Embassy is for three weeks starting on 12th May!
The US Embassy made me buy flights before they would issue the visa - the return flight is June 7th - they know this!

In other words you can go to the US but you have to leave before the trial has finished - perhaps before it has even started.

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HeatherRainbow said...

wow..... yeah... the US is corrupt.