Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is this my family ?

Emily met her elder brother (Max) and sister (Elizabeth) for the first time in almost 3 years earlier this year at Disney Animal Kingdom - as we walked into the resort hotel, Emily asked me "Is this my family ?"

Emily has paid a terrible price and continues to do so - as do we all.


Anonymous said...

Your family looks very happy there and you have very cute children. Is that woman the older childrens mom ?

Emily's Dad said...

The lady in the pic is Donna, my ex-wife and mother to Max & Elizabeth.

Emily's Dad

Anonymous said...

I read about you on FreeRepublic and thought this is an intriguing story. I've been wading through your blog it is very detailed and hard to grasp what has happened here but one thing that comes through is that Emily and you have been treated very very badly and I am ashamed of what has been done in my name.

Emily will be in our prayers, and we'll pray for you Karl, for the strength you will need to complete your task.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family Karl and that is your EX wife !!! You all look so happy together I wish my ex and I got on well enough to enjoy family time like yours do.

I have read and reread your blog several times...this is such an interesting story but I have to keep leaving it because it upsets me so that this has been done to your sweet little girl.

Best wishes

Aliya - Bernardsville NJ

Emily's Dad said...

Hi Aliya - Donna and I have been divorced for over 5 years now but have remained good friends not least because of the children we have together.

I have twin boys too but their mum won't let me see them so I know how it works when things are amicable between mum and dad and when they are not.

I'll be posting the false police reports later today, I'm just working on it now and it will be posted shortly.

Good luck to you in Bernardsville, I stayed there many years ago on and remember The Pub with English ales. Nice part of the world.

Best wishes