Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Radio Interview on 101 Uses For Babywipes

101 Uses For Baby Wipes: Episode 146: Where Is Emily Now?
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Episode 146: Where Is Emily Now?

Special Guest Interview: Karl Hindle

Karl's baby girl Emily vanished, along with the girl's mother, who took Emily in January 2003. Since then, Karl has been trying to find little Emily Rose Hindle, pictured here. She has been moved by her mother at least 40 times, through 10 U.S. States.

Karl has spent over 3 years searching for Emily, and he has sold everything he owns to try and get Emily back.

She is going blind. If Emily isn't found soon, and given medical attention for a serious eye problem, the damage will be irreversible.

Karl's search for Emily is a story of international child abudction, a U.S. State Department cover-up, and involvement of a known sex offender in a plot to illegally adopt Emily.