Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Judge Doyle Steps Down in Foreclosure Case Amidst "Racist" Comments

The Florida judge who let Emily go blind and claims "In this County we're provincials. We don't do the Hague Convention!" [international law for non-child abduction readers] has found himself in the spotlight yet again.

Judge Doyle has recused himself from a foreclosure case after it was claimed he made "inferences of a racial or ethnic bias" against an attorney, Farzad Milani, reports Jay Stapleton of the Daytona Beach Journal.

Judge Doyle told attorney Farzad Milani, "that he would not do his work while (Milani) sits in his office in Fort Lauderdale smoking his Cohiba cigars and drinking his lattes," according to court records. This isn't racist but then I understand the motion filed in the 5th District Court of Appeal in Daytona contains the juicy aspects of the alleged bad behavior. It certainly persuaded Judge Doyle to step down when they filed in the Appeal Court but let's wait and see.

Judge Doyle's nickname amongst local attorneys is "Wildman" Doyle; whether the claims are true or not, Judge Doyle just can't seem to keep himself out of the local news for one reason or another ... and none of them are good!

Less than a month ago, Judge Doyle ignored the Federal Loan Modification Program, the lending bank and the homeowner, all of whom agreed the foreclosure was not to go ahead - "Motion Denied" says Judge Doyle and the house was sold from under the family despite paying as required (as reported by Channel 9's Jason Allen link for this TV slot is here)