Friday, May 30, 2008

Sol Orior - Absentis Everriculum

Pardon my terrible latin but after this morning and the day I have had, something linguistically special is required.

Woke at 5am and went for a run in the cool before dawn, it was light and the beach was empty apart from the odd early bird and the surf sound that lulled me to sleep last night.

Coffee from the donut shop across the road and walk the 20 yards or so to the beach to watch sun rise (sol orior) where, after watching a breathtaking sun burst I met Tony, one of my neighbours.

Tony is a surf fisherman, or at least he bluffs it very well with these surf rods and holders. Claiming he never catches anything, he has me holding his spare rod as the other one nearly bends in half and a few seconds later a foot long Blue Fish is wriggling on the sand at our feet. Being a brave sort, Tony looks at me with bemusement and confesses he's never had to take a fish off the hook before and lot's of laughter on both sides (except the fish wasn't laughing).

After such an introduction, Tony has given me a rod and some tackle and I have spent the day - absentis everriculum or gone fishing - casting off Ormond Beach in my hunt for Moby Dick or one of his breathren, alas nothing but it has been a fantastic day and I am very brown.

I printed some photographs of the day off my camera and came across my last fishing trip - crabbing with Max and Dizzy at Prittlewell in Essex. Seeing them on that day makes me weep inside for home and a cuddle with them; I'd even put up with their TV programmes blaring and have a smile on my face.

No news on Emily - hoped something would happen this weekend for visitation but nothing but Judge Doyle did fax the State Department's Kathy Ruckman to set up this conference.

Proxima Sed Non Corona - Close But No Cigar as far as that is concerned.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Welcome to the Home by the Sea

It's official - I am a beach bum!

I moved into a beach house yesterday in Ormond by the Sea on the east coast of Florida about spitting distance north of Daytona.

Up early in the morning in time to watch the sun rise with a complete and utter muppet bluffing tai chi exercises in front of an otherwise pristine view.

No sign of Emily and no telephone call either. No point in getting your hopes up in this situation - better to be a born pessimist I feel so you are never disappointed.

Judge Doyle has faxed a letter up to the State Department as requested and maybe the visa situation will get unblocked or not - we shall see.

Other than that, I have spent a day cleaning my apartment and I'm going swimming in the dying hours to wash off the heat of the day - exercise is something I seem to be getting a lot of at the moment as I went swimming this morning, had a couple of miles walking on the beach followed by a 3 mile run into my attorney's office.

I think my family will take one look at me and ask "Who are you and what have you done with Dad?"

Sorry Dizzy but alas - I am no longer the BFG - love you sweetheart and miss you all terribly.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Interminable Waiting

One more day comes to a close and one more day of utter and absolute frustration that rages against my power of self-control.

People ask me how I stay calm and cool in this situation and I think of the saying "If you can keep your head when all around are losing theirs...." but more intrusive on my mind are the P Company instructors yelling at a raw recruit to stop flapping and switch on!

I tried to arrange to send a child support payment through Paypal but the mother's attorney, Kim Bannister of Central Legal Services in Daytona simply claims Sheila has no email ... given the number of emails she has been sending to all and sundry claiming me to be variously domestically violent, sexually abusive in the most graphical detail and generally an all round bad egg, I am stunned that she does not have an email address anywhere either for her or anyone else in her family that can accept this online payment and transfer it to her bank account.

After getting "badgered' by Kim in court on Friday on why her client was not getting child support payments I find it strange that they are not biting my hand off to take my money for child support?

No sign of the State Department telephone conference either and the gist of access with Emily is to go to Panama City about 300 miles away in the Pan Handle for visitation when we have a deal that says I get to Volusia County and Emily will come here - seemed fair, I travel 3,500 miles to get here and Sheila travels 300 to meet me less than 10% of the way.

Mark me well; if I go to Panama City for visitation with Sheila Fuith, Debbie Martin and Cathy Bodin - three sisters all of whom have played the domestic violence card to the hilt in their lives, divorces and custody disputes in their collective past, I fully expect fireworks in Bay Countyif I go there.

Think I'd better get the British Consul's telephone numbers sorted out and ready to hand just in case or should I simply ensure I have medical insurance for the next time a redneck decides he's going to kill me or just beat the shit out of me because he's enraged at "poor" Sheila's plight and I'm such a "turd" that could do this to a child?!?

I doubt the next wave of allegations will be in the past if I travel alone to Panama City to see Emily and I do not mind admitting I am bloody scared of doing that or of being with Emily anywhere except in a very public place.

Tomorrrow I move to yet another location and another couch or maybe it will be an airbed, up in Ormond Beach. My attorney, David Ferguson has placed at my disposal an apartment up there and I need some time on my own and for all that moan about how lawyers are scum sucking, bottom feeders, don't say that about David anywhere near me; David Ferguson is a grade A, first class, honourable and thoroughly decent human being.

Nevertheless, there is a yearning for my family and the people I love that is tearing the heart and soul out of me but I cannot and will not quit on Emily.

If you ever are in any doubt that staying in your child's life is not worth the cost just look at the photograph of Emily and I when we were reunited in January 2006. Our first meeting and we were both happy and in love as fathers and daughters across the world can only be.

Never give in, never quit, keep calm and always keep putting one foot in front of the other but never lose sight of why you are doing it; because you love your children and they love you so leave your anger and hate behind, they will only change you into something hideous.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Judge Doyle: "Mr Hindle, the Federal Government is Screwing You!"

Well yesterday we had a day of trial but there is no ruling at this time after what has been an extremely bizarre hearing that twisted as much as any John Grisham novel.

Initially we were getting hammered by Judge Doyle because we had asked for a continuance as evidence is still in transit from the UK.


Seeing a judge in full swing is worse than a heavyweight coming at you believe me.

As the day progressed Judge Doyle latched onto the State Department interference and tied the mother and Barbara Greig at the Office of Childrens Issues directly together.

His Honor Judge John Doyle refused to issue any ruling and is going to attempt a conference call with the State Department, the attorneys and himself to unblock the hash the State Department has created with Sheila in blocking access to the United States.

As His Honor noted, there are plenty of people here illegally who never have any problems so why are they picking on me.

Best of all though was I got to see a photograph of Emily taken a day or two ago - she's a beautiful child said Judge Doyle, and I replied she takes after me and giggled.

I was hoping to see Emily today but that isn't happening but hopefully I will next week when school is out.

Much more to report but not enough time.

Thanks for all the emails and messages of support - appreciate it very much.

Karl aka Emily's Dad

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Florida at Four

I spoke with Emily last night for the first time in months. Something tells me mom is now switching on and is behaving herself in readiness for Judge Doyle.

Window dressing.

Emily was clearly being coached with some of the things she was saying - I asked her if she like to go to Disney "I don't like Disney!" - yeah, right!

23rd May 2008 - and Judge Doyle is getting this whole bag of snakes laid out for him so play some more games because it isn't going to wash.

Awoke this morning in New York at the ungodly hour of 4am so I could get my ride to La Guardia and a flight down to Orlando, Florida.

Packed and ready to go after an evening carousing with Jill and Sylvia; I listened as Sylvia kept mentioning this nephew and that great nephew and so on and so on. While she was guzzling the Laphraoig with me (a gift from Jill) I couldn't help but wish she was my aunt too and I felt very comfortable with Jill at my side mothering me and Sylvia verbally fencing.

Lovely women.

A brief ride to the airport and laughing and joking with Joseph who does all the driving around picking waifs and strays up for Jill. Top bloke who has now gotten the correct pronunciation of "bollocks" down to a tee.

3 hour flight down into Florida and the cool, sociable New York weather becomes the humidity of the sub tropics. Listening to a congregation of coloured women swapping tales of husbands, ex husbands and boyfriends with each other in voices so loud they didn't need a tannoy system and they were seriously funny!

Taking off the plane commenced a sharp left then right hand turn taking us over Manhattan with a pivot around Central Park. That iconic skyline I had missed on my initial arrival was briefly laid out as the cloud shrouded the city in a fade to black shot any film director would have been ecstatic to have caught and in a moment, bursting sun pouring into the cabin as we cleared the cloud layer. New York has a hold on me for life, not least as that is where I met and fell in love with Emily's mother.

Now here in Orlando and feeling the heat. Hopefully will see Emily on Saturday but they are baulking at visitation as my attorney, David Ferguson said yesterday - apparently it is Mothers Day on Sunday. Emily has never had a Fathers Day so get over to Volusia County on Saturday and do whatever you are doing on Sunday - stop screwing Emily over for spite.

Anyway, we shall see what pans out and I'm heading back to New York on the 17th to meet up with David Bennett and crew.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New York & Thoughts on Jill Jones-Soderman

Nyack is about 40 minutes drive north of New York City where I flew in on Monday.

The impressive New York skyline was not to be seen with its Manhattan skyscrapers as we skirted to the north of the city and I was sitting on the wrong side of the plane to see it anyway as we came in for wobbly landing.

I thought it was just as well as the last time I came to New York was in December 2000 and the Twin Towers dominated and of course they are no longer there.

I remember meeting the Twin Towers for the very first time, coming off the underground train and walking a block to the plaza where they were situated but having my view of them obscured by the surrounding urban skyrises that blocked out the sky as you walked in their shadow.

The hustle and bustle of a big city The Big Apple which never sleeps while at ground level those distinctive yellow cabs plied their trade punctuated by the wail of a siren from a patrol car and everywhere, people going about their business.

It was cold with a bite that told you you were not in London but apart from that it could have been.

New York has its own electric ambience that I have only felt in London.

A determined purpose generated from the human morass and miasma.

Not catching the skyline today leaves me with the perfect vision of New York before 9/11.

Sitting here with my first coffee of the day and one of the dogs snoring by me, this feels like home. Extremely relaxing and I have slept well again for a second night. I think that had something to do with the bottle of Bowmore scotch my host bought for me; Jill Jones-Soderman.

The company is excellent here with Jill and her lovely daughter, Gillian, herself a 19 year old student with a penchant for working out at the gym late at night. I have suggested that if she desperately has the urge for exercise she should try a cold shower - that usually works for me!

I keep thinking how relaxed and comfortable I feel and the fact that I should be feeling nervous and apprehensive but not a bit of it. Hopefully I shall be seeing Emily on Saturday but I am cpurposely old inside as I do not wish to get my hopes up. Jill and Gillian make sure I am not left alone and except for this early hour as I drink coffee and listen to the sounds of a small town waking up with brilliantly red cardinals flying around the garden I have been treated like a king.

I can feel the stomach pangs as my emotions try to dictate how I should feel ,however I will not succumb; my head is ruling my heart.

Tomorrow I fly down to Florida and have to start thinking of how to get my papers down there with me. I don't want to go in a way; I haven't sampled Nyack night life but it does exist as I had a taste of the cafe and bar society that exists downtown while driving home with Jill. An all too brief visit yesterday had me playing guitar with a young man called Mike who was jamming away in an empty bar that had been opened so staff could clear out the trash. Swapping stories of Fender Strat ownership and trying to get my fingers to remember that they can play the strings as I rendered a terrible version of the solo in Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall but made do with the E chord power trip you only get from 20th Century Boy.

Returning home, I satisfied myself with my bluff at being a raconteur with Jill and Gillian and making them giggle though I wonder if they were justhumouring their guest by laughing at his crappy jokes. Imbibing far too much 10 year old malt whisky left me feeling pleasantly exhausted and a sleep of the blessed has left me up at 6.30 and feeling fresh as a daisy.

I should be back here again on the 17th for a day and a night as there is a big pow wow with the Foundation's head honchos and this will reunite me with David Bennett of London pub crawl fame. He wants a rematch in the matching wits stakes so it is only polite to let him take me on on his home turf. I'll be gentle.

As the whirlwind that is Gillian has now arrived in the kitchen it is time to close this and look to another day.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Lost in America

OK, I'm not lost but chilling out in upstate New York with my hayfever giving me a real dose.

Sitting here in the kitchen overlooking the garden and feeling a warm breeze wafting in from the lake is heaven after a good nights sleep after two days of none.

I arrived yesterday and was interviewed by US Immigration, particularly about why I was deported in 2004 - the official was very understanding and simply wrote a date of departure in my passport looked at me and said have a nice stay. Thank you very much you lovely woman you - as I was picking up my papers she just said "Sorry about your daughter." and I looked her in the eye - I hadn't said anything about Emily but she obviously knew from looking at her computer screen.

Amazing how sensitive I (think) have become at picking up on moments of humanity - she knew what had happened and she wasn't happy about it; from the sucking of air between her teeth she did on occasion as she was reading from her computer screen it was clear she hadn't been happy and I was stealing myself for the very worst - getting turned around and sent back to the UK.

In fact she did exactly the opposite and after I packed my papers and my passport with a visa stamp in it, I shook her hand and said "Thank you."

An hours journey through rush hour New York traffic has brought me out into a small town called Nyack, and after a late night shopping trip I now have a clean set of undies, socks, couple pair of trousers and three or four shirts plus shaving cream and toothpaste.

The look on the US Customs officers face after clearing immigration was a classic. He had me open my suitcase and he quickly asked,"Where are your clothes?" - I was wearing everything and the case was packed with legal papers. After I explained the situation he smiled and passed me but not before confiscating a couple of tims of mushy peas and Sainsbury's basics curry sauce for Cindy, my custody attorney's paralegal.

Received an email from Cindy and she wasn't happy about that!

I also had a telephone call with David Ferguson, my attorney, who is trying to arrange visitation with Emily. We are looking for Saturday but we shall have to see so I am getting ready to fly down to Florida on Thursday or Friday depending on logistics.

Max and Dizzy - here's a message for you - Dad loves you very much and be good for Mum - see you all soon and look in on this tomorrow as I may have a surprise for you.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

24 Hour Countdown & Thanks

So I remember what this is all about - Emily Rose enjoying chocolate ice cream in DeBary, Florida in 2004

This time tomorrow I'll be on the plane and somewhere over the Atlantic south of Iceland en route to New York.

I have to say that I am chewing my arms off here with the interminable waiting - after so long I should have learned patience but when it comes to it, in these final hours I am becoming agitated and just want to go now.

Yesterday I posted regarding the miscreants but today, as I am amidst final preparation for the off a big "Thank You!" is in order to some very special people who have made this trip possible and here they are in no particular order:

David Thelen - The Committee for Missing Children
Atlanta, Georgia

Thank you Dave for the plane tickets and the support as well as the email humour - you are an inspiration my friend

Jill Jones-Soderman - Law is Not Justice Foundation
Nyack, New York

Thanks Jill for the lawyers especially the immigration attorney and the first dance is with you!

Brooks Newmark Member of Parliament for Braintree
House of Commons, London UK

My current MP and deserving of a big thank you for his efforts and his time as well as providing colouring materials for Dizzy during our meetings - a child friendly MP if ever there was one.

David Vedder - Immigration Attorney
Ormond Beach, Florida
Thank you Dave and Amanda for dealing with the US Embassy

The Parachute Regiment Association
The Airborne Forces Security Fund
Colchester, UK

Along with The Royal British Legion, a big thank you for the financial assistance in looking after my family in the UK.

Dennis Gray - 101 Uses for Babywipes
San Luis Obispo, California

A podcaster extrordinaire and role model for dad's everywhere - 100% of Evan's asked rated Dennis #1 Dad in the World - thank you Dennis!

Congressman John Mica
Congressional Aide Jean Carrero
Maitland, Florida

I'd like to thank Jean Carrero in particular for helping this Johnny Foreigner with her emails and letters to the US Department of State and the US Embassy, London - without the effort of Congressman Mica's offices I doubt I would have ever received any visas for court hearings at all

Simon Burns, Member of Parliament
(with David Cameron - Conservative Party Leader)
House of Commons, London UK

My former MP and a politician who took the time out of his busy schedule during an election to bring the UK Foreign Office and Department of Constitutional Affairs (now the British Ministry of Justice) together to thrash this bag of snakes out and the despatch of Paul Sizeman, Head of Consular Affairs to Washington DC to raise the issues directly with Assistant Secretary of State Maura Harty.

Teri Stoddard - Shared Parenting Works

Mum, sexy grandma and shared parenting advocate and writer as well as an all round good egg who whould have been snapped up off the market years ago but you guys are just too chicken to know a good woman when you see one!

Annie Armen - Journalist and Radio Host of
Annie Armen Live

The irrepressible host of Annie Armen Live and real tonic - when you need something cleaned up get a shot of Anniebiotics!

Heike - family advocate

Thanks Heike for everything including giving this fallschirmjaeger a shoulder when desperately needed.

Paul Tucker OBE, The Royal British Legion
Chelmsford, UK

Thank you to Mr Tucker OBE for the financial assistance rendered by The Royal British Legion and looking after my family here in the UK.

David Bennett - Attorney & Second Best Wit in London (after me!)
Salt Lake City, Utah

Thanks David for a great evening in London and your advice - drill sergeant impressions will be mandatory in New York shortly.

David Ferguson - Attorney, Woodard & Ferguson
Ormond Beach, Florida

Thanks "Big Wave" Dave and Cindy for everything these past 5 years

Bev & Gary Holt
DeBary, Florida

Thanks to both of you for looking after Emily when you could and I could not

Bill & Frank Jennings - The Brickhouse Bar & Grill
Deland, Florida

To all the Brickhouse Boys & Girls - Junior, Joe Bones, Scott, Warren, Big D, and even Connie and all the rest - thanks for making a stranger very welcome and I'm going to see you soon and pay my respects to Louis - Irish Car Bombs and Hoops mandatory

Allison Quets - Mother to Holly & Tyler
Orlando, Florida

From me to you - thank you!

Kathleen Grant - Attorney, GrantLaw
Wausau, Wisconsin

big thank you Kathleen for your help from the start - I hope we get to have that gin & tonic in due course

Tom Pearson -Attorney, Ericson, Pearson & Aanes

Tom, it has been a long time but thank you for your help in Minnesota


By neccessity, anonymous but M you are a lovely lady and I hope one day that the kids are all together and we get to trip the light fantastic - thank you to you and everyone up there.

Heather Rainbow

Thank you Heather for all the messages of support you have given; your encouragement has been a great personal help to me over time and more than you know

Josef Cannon - Actor/Director and left behind parent - Voice of National Identity Theft Campaign
Hollywood, California

Josef you opened my eyes to a different attitude and approach to this - thanks matey!

Walt & Vicky Mentzer - Private Investigator
DeLand, Florida

Dear Walt & Vicky, not to forget Snoopy the pocket dynamo, thanks for all of the help and in particular looking after me and putting up with a reprobate in your home. You guys have always been there and I am looking forward to getting back to see you as I owe you dinner as I recall!

Officer Rod Hancock - DeLand Police Department
DeLand, Florida

Rod ran the Citizens Police Academy and I have bumped into him policing the mean streets of DeLand on occasion - a great bloke and always had time for "English" but don't let him lose with a saw!

Angela Jackson & Francine Sindhoo - left behind mothers

Both succeeded in recovering their children against very high odds - if they can do it, so can I.

Loz & Maureen

Thank you!

Donna Hindle - ex wife to Emily's Dad
Chelmsford, UK

Never failing to be amazed at the trouble an ex husband can still cause, Donna has always been there from the start of this and has never flinched though she has winced on occasion.

Max & Dizzy Hindle

My two eldest children - I love you dearly and without you two, I would have given up - when things have been almost without hope you two have been and are tangible reminders of why Emily is so important and must come before me.

Jason & Anne Hindle - brother and sister-in-law

How on earth a sex kitten came to get hitched to my ugly runt of a brother is an amazing tribute to the power of Hindle charm or Anne's short sightedness - is there nothing a woman cannot overlook in a man?

See you soon and I miss you both too.

For all those I have missed off here - THANK YOU!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Trial Date Set - 23rd May 2008

Docket sounding took place yesterday and a trial date has been set for 9.30am on 23rd May 2008.

Finally, after over 5 years of international cat and mouse, Emily Rose will now have the issues that confront her heard by a judge, His Honor Hudge John V Doyle at the Volusia County Courthouse in DeLand, Florida.

Given the inordinate delay in letting the court hear the case, Emily Rose has become permanently blinded in her right eye - she needed her medical treatment to have been concluded by the age of 3. I don't think Judge Doyle is going like what he is going to see so I have a personal message to the following:

Assistant Secretary of State Maura Harty, US Department of State
Former US Ambassador to the United Kingdom William Stamps Farrish
John Ballif, former Director OCI, State Department
Glenn Keiser, former Head US Central Authority, State Department
Barbara Greig, Team Leader, US Central Authority, State Department
Patricia Mintzer, Consular Official, US Embassy London
Captain Alan Osowski, DeBary District Commander, Volusia County Sherriff's Office, Florida
Deputy Sherriff Agostina, VCSO, Florida
Frank Sclafani, VCSO, Florida
Teresa Anderson, Attorney of Abeles & Anderson, DeBary, Florida
Roberta Miranda, Investigator, Dept. of Children & Families, DeLand, Florida
Richard Brown,Investigator, Dept. of Children & Families, DeLand, Florida
Dan Testerman, Dept. of Children & Families, DeLand, Florida
David Howe, Supervisor, Dept of Children & Families, Florida
Tom Sylvester, Program Director, Dept of Children Families DeLand, Florida


Here's some 101 in Dealing with Emily's Dad:

1. don't lie - you get caught eventually;
2. children being allowed to go blind is not acceptable just because it is not life threatening;
3. children are not given to convicted pedophiles as part of child protection arrangements
4. do what the judge tells you - they are called "orders" for a reason;
5. obey the law - it is generally a very good idea;
6. do not falsify reports (Captain Osowski, Roberta Miranda & Barbara Greig in mind here) - you get caught eventually;
7. the most powerful force on the planet is the love and bond between children and their parents - interfere with that at your own considerable peril;
8. Judge Doyle is a rare breed in my experience of US officialdom - His Honor is honest, uncorruptible, and has integrity - His Honor is not stupid - you all have made me out to be a monster but I think you are more frightened of His Honor than Karl Hindle.
9. Gandhi took on an Empire and won - "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight and then you win." - guess where you are right now on this curve and keep guessing because I know exactly where you are - in a bare knuckle fist fight and this is going to get bloody as hell (in a completely metaphorical lawful way); and
10. Henry Kissinger on dealing with terrorists said, "Pursue them coldly and relentlessly, with no emotion and let them realize there is nowhere to hide."

Better yet;

"It's their rink, it's their ice, it's their referee, it's their crowd but tonight we are going to nail those *******'s" - Paul Newman in Slapshot.

Osowski - Anderson - Greig
5 years and counting - coming ready or not!

Currently, all contact with Emily Rose has ceased and we have heard nothing back in respect of various requests to arrange access for Emily and I.

There is a huge worry in my mind that Sheila, Emily's mother will not show or has disappeared again but that is secondary as I am thinking more that I may get to see Emily Rose again after two years.

Last time I visited the US, Emily Rose had been locaed up in Kansas/Missouri and we had had no contact for eighteen months - when we were first reunited I asked her if she knew who I was and she said "You're Dad!" - so I have no doubts Emily Rose will know who I am this time around.

The question in my mind is how much poison has Sheila put into Emily Rose's head?

Friday, May 02, 2008

Cartoon Studios Becomes First Frozenheart Corporate Sponsor

Well the internet does work!

After an initial launch of the Frozenheart web site, a flurry of responses from around the world and from many people who have contacted me for the very first time.

Remember the primary aim intially is to establish a world wide network of accomodation for parents that is no cost for left behind parents travelling abroad to recovery their children.

An unexpected fringe benefit that is going to start taking centre stage is an email I received from Richard Duszczak of the Cartoon Studio Limited in the UK.

The Cartoon Studio have offered to become a corporate sponsor for Frozenheart and have kicked this off with £500 worth of free artwork and logo design and other support as well.

So, to Richard and his team at Cartoon Studios, I'd like to say thank you and I hope you are the first of many!

Now here's an unashamed plug for those awfully decent chaps and chappettes at the Cartoon Studio:

For more information on Cartoon Studio Limited and how they can help your business with illustrations, logos and cartoon imagery contact them using the information below.

Cartoon Studio Limited
29 Lake View Avenue, Walton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK S40 3DR
Tel: +44(0)1246 209034 Fax: +44(0)1246 209034

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Frozenheart Website

In between getting packed and sorting out paperwork and evidence to carry over to the US on Monday, I finished my very first website and published it in the wee hours.

I'm signing the papers next week in New York to register Frozenheart as a registered non-profit in the United States so all in all it is going to be a busy month in the land of the free.

Pay a visit to Frozenheart and see what you think - we are also building a network of accomodation for parents that need help with having a place to stay while away - both in the UK and the US. I'm arranging to discuss with some contacts in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to try to get something moving over there but if you have a place where a parent can stay while trying to get their kids back send me an email or contact me through Frozenheart.