Sunday, February 11, 2007

Karl Hindle-v-US Secretary of State Dr Condoleeza Rice et al - Update on the Federal Action

Hindle-v-Rice Federal action developments

In October 2006, His Honor Judge Gregory Presnell ordered that the parties shall meet in the Middle District of Florida to hold a Case Management Report meeting in the Federal action brought (case number: 06:6cv1527)said meeting to take place within 60 days of the order.

I sent my court order together with my passport and a covering letter requesting a visa to enter the US for the purpose of meeting with the US Attorney General in Orlando to handle the CMR and start getting to grips with the federal legal process. The request was addressed to Maria Damour, Chief of the Non-Immigrant Visa section at the US Embassy London, UK.

It promptly came back with a curt refusal to process a visa without being interviewed, so I contacted the US Embassy visa appointment line but they would not give me an interview date and I was to call again in January 2007.

I explained I had a federal court order and a judge had ordered this meeting and I was directed to send an email with the information and a code in the subject header to the US Embassy.

I received no reply.

I contacted the US Embassy again in January 2007 and again was told I could not be interviewed and I had to send an email duplicating the information I had sent in November 2006. I did this and addressed it to Maria Damour and contacted her assistant at the US Embassy London and advised her of the federal order and the need to travel to Florida as ordered by Judge Presnell.

I have received no reply from Ms Maria Damour.

Maria Damour is also a defendant in the Federal action Hindle-v-Rice.

Make of that what you will.