Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NY Judge Takes Us Down, Federal Court Puts Us Back Up!

Many readers will know the blog was taken down due to the issuance of a restraining order by NY Supreme Court Judge Arthur Schack just before Christmas.

If you are interested to know more of the case, go to this link for New York's court and enter my name as the defendant:

Apparently, Judge Schack does not believe I should be allowed to write or say that a convicted fraudster, who I cannot name but let's call him "Lord Voldermort" for now, is indeed a convicted fraudster. Clearly free speech and the First Amendment have somehow gotten forgotten about here.

The case has been featured on the Citizen's Media Law Project too - given this is run by a legal team from Harvard Law School, somehow I doubt Lord Voldermort will be suing them any time soon.

Lord Voldermort came to recent prominence due to his masquerade as a devoted father whose child was abducted to Macau and was sold to a pedophile ring. When confronted on that story, he changed it to his son was abducted to New Zealand. When confronted on why there was no information on the abduction from the US, he changed his story to his son was abducted from Canada.

As far as we can make out - all false.

Lord Voldermort then attached himself with the proponents of the Florida Child Abduction Prevention Act and Carolyn Ann Vlk.

Lord V then testified before the FL Senate that he was a left-behind parent ad nauseum - at the same time, he was soliciting money from donors and corporate sponsors to further their "work".

This was reported on by the St Petersburg Times and Miami Herald.

Lord Voldermort claims $5 million in damages for defamation and damage to his reputation and without any notice to me, filed for contempt on January 3rd, 2011 - Judge Schack duly obliged and issued an ARREST WARRANT for yours truly.

The New York case has been stopped by the Federal Court, which accepted my request to transfer proceedings to its jurisdiction. There is something strange going on when you cannot say a convicted fraudster is a convicted fraudster - next I won't be able to say a spade is a spade. I once said of someone that, "They wouldn't recognize the truth if it jumped up and bit them...and in any event, if it did they'd run to court for an injunction against it!"

How true.

There is also something strange going on when this blog is the only target of Lord Voldermort's ire - he has so far not bothered to sue the wealthy publishers of the St Petersburg Times and Miami Herald who ran their stories on Lord V, or the consumer champion and fraud watchdog, RipOff Report - all of whom have oodles of money for which Lord V has a self-confessed "addiction".

After filing in Federal Court, Lord Voldermort ran for California, however he was served with the federal papers a week last Sunday. Since when, his lawyers have dumped him in both State and Federal court actions and seem reluctant to cooperate any further - the phrase, "rats deserting a sinking ship" springs to mind. Strange how a California resident sues an Englishman in Virginia in New York court....something of a jurisdictional conflict going on there too.

Until the Federal judge gives me the go ahead, I'll refrain from publishing photographs or his name, in order to keep Google happy. however, for many readers, you will be only too well aware of the chubby, goatee bearded man with an extensive history of lying, fraud convictions, jail time and extravagant claims to be a wealthy media magnate who will be sparing no loose change in getting your child back.

Except he doesn't have a dime - unless it's your dime.