Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Filing for Appeal

After all the hanky panky and the initial shock of receiving Judge Doyle's final ruling, which I expected but nevertheless it still has had an impact on me, I am now filing for appeal.

At last I'm going to get another judge to look at this mess and we'll see if that is going to result in a change in attitude towards Emily and my request for relief.   Still, after 3 months in America this year, there has been no visitation with Emily and no telephonic contact since May but her school have acceded to the orders and agree I am to be allowed information on Emily's schooling - Sheila had told them I had been ordered to have no contact - yet another make believe lie.

I've had some emails and calls from friends, family and others following the case asking what I'm going to do next.  

The answer is simply to proceed with the legal process and appeal but unlike 5 years of obfuscation in trial court, the appeal court seems to act extremely quickly so my energies are now focused on the working as hard as possible, getting as much money together as possible and working out the appeal process and as they say in Floridian parts, "Git 'r' Dun!"

As ever, if at first you don't succeed, try again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cheque Book Journalism

While I was in the US on my last trip, an ex-girlfriend, ticked off at me, decided to try to see if a quick buck could be made out of the situation with Emily.

Some of you may recall Angela Jackson, a Scottish mother who had two children abducted to Texas and finally recovered them to the UK only for the children to return to dad where they now live.

A reporter, Steve Smith covered the story and saw an opportunity to capitalise on the situation with Emily and my private life.

Steve Smith offered money for a "kiss and tell" story through Angela Jackson and asked for photographs and so on to be obtained.

My ex-girlfriend, Deana Brown obliged and stole photographs and papers from my home to which she had access while I was away.

In the meantime, my family, my current girlfriend and professional contacts as well as myself have been bombarded with harrsassing phone calls, emails of the vilest kind and a host of allegations of fraud, domestic violence, alcoholism and so on and why the hell are Barbara Greig and Dr Jill Jones-Soderman involved?

The photo of the unfortunate woman above was sent by Jackson et al claiming to be an old girlfriend of mine and this is what I did to her - except I don't know her and the photo has been traced to a domestic violence website here

I am sick of it.

A journalist, Steve Smith, offering money in an attempt to fabricate a story where none exists.

A former girlfriend, Deana Brown, who is ticked off because I have moved on.

A mother, Angela Jackson, who was helped to get her kids back and thinks she is hard done by because she lost her custody battle in Scotland and feels everyone should be miserable as well.

I am sick of the efforts to involve my ex wife and my children in the UK by these three.

I am sick of the threats to contact my girlfriend's employer with "information" on me.

I am sick of the dishonesty and deceit while a "real" story - how a little girl can be torn from her family, sent to a foreign country to go blind, to be placed up for sale/adoption and placed into the care of a peadophile, to go missing and be endangered, to be treated so horribly is not newsworthy while "boy meets girl, boy dumps girl, boy meets new girl" is such hot stuff.

I am sick to my stomach with how low people can descend for money. 

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Judge Doyle's Ruling

I have spoken with my attorney and the ruling is that Emily stays with her mother, I get visitation and a $29,000 child support bill.

Visitation has been ordered back in 2004 however Emily and I last saw each other in May 2006 so you can make your own mind up as to what that is worth.

Everything else that Sheila has pulled is "in the past".

At times like this, life can really strike you as being horrid but, and it is a BIG BUT, I personally believe that every single day I am above ground and sucking down oxygen is a good day.

Now I have to move forward with an appeal and at least we have this out of Judge Doyle's hands.

Just remember, all of you who are in a position where you can't see your kids or you feel a sense of grievance at how you have been treated, this is all temporary, you pick yourself up and move forward because you love your kids and not because you feel you have been kicked in the balls while lying down - just remember why you are doing this and it is not for you.

I'm doing this for Emily which is why I'll get up again and go forward.

No-one in their right mind would do any of this for themselves.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day of Reckoning - Final Ruling from Judge Doyle

My attorney filed a proposed final judgement with the court on Tuesday granting primary residency to me due to application of the factors under Floridian law.

On Tuesday, 6th October 2008, Judge Doyle signed a final order but the twist in the tail is....

We don't know what he ruled!

Apparently we have to wait on the mail to see what the decision is so as you may imagine, I am through chewing my fingernails off, have worked through my hands and approaching my elbows.

We just have to wait and see what Judge Doyle has done.