Thursday, July 20, 2006

Have we found Emily ?

Yesterday I spoke with Panama City PD - they visited the address where Emily is supposed to be living at - her aunt's, Debbie Martin - and a safe and well check was conducted.

The officer claims to have seen Emily and that she has nothing wrong with her eyes - they appeared normal.

Below is a photograph of Emily taken earlier this year in Florida:

One thing you cannot say about Emily is that she has "normal eyes" - she is very heavily cross-eyed so I am concerned as to who the police officer actually saw ?

I called the house and eventually spoke to a man there - I asked to speak with Emily in accordance with my telephonic access order but he advised Emily was not there. Earlier I called the house and Debbie Martin answered - "Don't you call my home anymore !" and hung up - Debbie Martin is now claiming I am harassing her .... here we go again !

Monday, July 17, 2006

Where is my daughter right now ?

At the end of June, Judge Doyle in Volusia County Court, FL gave the mother Sheila Fuith, permission to relocate to Panama City in Florida on two conditions - first, that I was given an address for where she was staying with Emily and secondly, I was given a telephone number.

Sheila has advised her attorney, Kim Bannister of Central Florida Legal Services, Daytona Beach that her family refuse to allow her to give out a telephone number.

Right now I want to know where Emily is and get our telephonic contact as ordered by Judge Doyle - since I departed Florida, there has been no contact whatsoever.

Sheila also did NOT take Emily to Shand Medical Centre in Gainesville for a further medical opinion on her eye condition - the TENTH such examination - just how many do you need before the US agencies get this through their collectively thick skulls - Emily is GOING BLIND !

Karl - Emily's Dad

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Florida DCF - Paedophiles and Protective Custody - supported by the State Department ?

I reported Emily's medical neglect to Florida's Department of Children & Families in April 2004 and the case was assigned to Investigator Roberta Miranda of the DeLand office.

I was asked to submit any documentation I had in connection with Emily's medical condition and other paperwork relevant to the concerns for Emily's care and welfare.

I provided Investigator Miranda with copies of the private investigators report concerning Emily's contact with Leslie Merriam - a convicted child sex offender and a lifetime registrant on the Wisconsin Sex Offenders Register. Emily was in the care of this paedophile as a consequence of her mothers attempt to have her unlawfully adopted by Dale Merriam and his wife, Shannon Bodin in Wisconsin.

"All I can say is that there was going to be no paper work and no money changing hands. That Emily was going to be given over to my son."

Investigator Miranda then advised me that children being given to other people to care for them is a common practice in the US and that Emily being in the care of this paedophile and his family was PROTECTIVE CUSTODY ARRANGEMENT.

The DCF file of Investigator Miranda is in my posession - I am unable to publish the file as that is a violation of law however the file cites Barbara Grieg of the State Department once more involved in the matter and the final report states

Mother has the support of the State Department.

As a responsible, loving caring parent I would not allow a convicted paedophile to look after a child, certainly not one of mine - placing Emily into the care of a CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE is more properly called CHILD ENDANGERMENT not protective custody.

What does Sheila Fuith, Emily's mother have to say about this ?

Emily and her dad meet for the first time

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Captain Osowski - False Police Reporting

Captain Alan Osowski is the District Commander of DeBary Florida and is a senior member of Volusia County Sheriff's Office in Florida.

He was promoted to Captain by Sheriff Johnson in February 2003 and is a 26 year veteran of the force.

In October 2003, the British High Court in London UK heard a Hague Convention hearing filed by Barbara Greig of the US Department of State on behalf of Emily's mom, Sheila Fuith, to determine the jurisdiction for where custody proceedings should take place. The High Court ruled, very bizarrely, that Florida had jurisdiction (but more on that later), and Emily was sent to Florida for hearings to take place BUT on condition she was to commence receiving medical treatment forthwith for her eye condition (and to date that still has not happened).

No sooner had her mother arrived in Florida than Sheila commenced filing complaints to the British and Florida police that she was being stalked, harassed and threatened by Emily's dad (4,000 miles away in England). Ignoring the British High Court order she went into hiding and denied Emily her medical treatment for her blindness among many other things.

On 24th November 2003, Emily's mom, Sheila Fuith and her friend, Dana Burtchell also known as Dana Colston, made a police complaint taken by Captain Osowski.

I am not particularly interested in demonstrating the falsity of Sheila Fuith's allegations here but rather to demonstrate the falsity of Captain Osowski's reporting.

So is this false reporting by Captain Osowski?

Firstly, note the first paragraph on the extract - "Captain Osowski viewed some of the saved numbers on the V1 (Fuith's) cell phone.....the numbers were verified by Captain Osowski and Ms Pat Scott (03)"

Now look at the telephone numbers Captain Osowski records - some of these numbers were in use at this time, but some were not - note the bottom telephone number 011 441 621 772693 and note the date of the police report....November 24th 2003 and now look at the following fax from British Telecom the line provider in the UK:


The second proof that Captain Osowski falsified his police report comes from his own testimony - on February 10th 2005, Captain Osowski and other VCSO officers were deposed:

Captain Osowski's report was passed to the British police to be investigated by Detective Gary Biddle of Essex Police in the UK after Sheila had also made allegations to the British police there.

Detective Biddle of the British police concluded that Sheila Fuith was making FALSE ALLEGATIONS and moving around the US to hide Emily from her dad and to evade the legal process in the US.

On 29th April 2004, a domestic violence injunction hearing was heard before Judge Doyle in DeLand Florida - Judge Doyle dismissed the petition ruling it was clear that the proceedings were being brought to gain advantage in the custody case.

Notwithstanding this, Barbara Greig at the US Department of State used this and other VCSO reports to make a case for Emily's dad to be arrested by US Immigration and deported when he had been cleared of all the allegations by Judge Doyle in Florida - here's her fax to US Immigration:

In short, Barbara Greig and Sheila Fuith failed to stop Emily's dad from bringing proceedings, failed to keep him out of the country and failed to obtain a domestic violence injunction against they misled US Immigration to do the dirty work for them......Emily later disappeared to become classified as missing and endangered and to continue to be denied medical treatment for her WHY would a State Department official ignore a Florida judges ruling, a British High Court ruling and a 2 month investigation by British police and do this ?

The answer I believe, is linked to why the British High Court would send a British child to Florida for custody hearings when Florida did not have jurisdiction AND assist in Emily's initial abduction from the UK in February 2003....more on that later.

Is this my family ?

Emily met her elder brother (Max) and sister (Elizabeth) for the first time in almost 3 years earlier this year at Disney Animal Kingdom - as we walked into the resort hotel, Emily asked me "Is this my family ?"

Emily has paid a terrible price and continues to do so - as do we all.