Thursday, March 27, 2008

First they ignore you....

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."
I came across this quote which resonated deeply with me - as a foreigner it is easy to be ignored, as an individual it is expedient to be ridiculed.
Barbara Greig and Glen Keiser - otherwise faceless US government officials have read this play book - it works.
Ignore people - they go away in the vast majority of cases.
Ridicule them - we are the US government and have credibility while you, are an emotional wreck because your child or children are beyond borders and God help them because no-one else will:
"Mr Hindle your allegations are the product of a vile diseased should seek help, I really think you need help."
(Glen Keiser, former head of US Central Authority now in India as a Consular Official after being told of Emily's medical need for her blindness and adoption/sale attempts involving a convicted pedophile
You are prepared to continue and carry on and fight.
I was told once upon my lifetime that dealing with Emily's case would take years, thousands of dollars and a great deal of "intestinal fortitude" - like a berk I asked what that was and was promptly told "Guts!"
So I fought.
Now after five years, Emily losing her eye, a pedophile fessing up and no due process - we have a fight.
I'm shaking my head at all of this because there was never any need for any of this bovine or equine excrement.
Gandhi knew a thing or two; after all he saw off an Empire using only a cotton spinning wheel.
Gandhi was a good man and so am I.
Barbara - you picked a fight and now you have one - I'm going the distance.
I love Emily and you don't - sucks to be you to pick the one case in a million where a parent is not going to take you lying down.
Now I'm going to win - or you can come to the table and sort your mess out.
By the way; this is an offer to resolve this bag of snakes without the unpleasantness of a judge sorting it out - and I will not win anything - you know why?
Emily lost her eye - blind for no reason except your embuggerance of due process and the fantasies of a silly woman.
I failed Emily because I could not convince you, judges,law enforcement or child protection services in America that nine doctors and a British Supreme Court Judge had got it right - that Emily needed a 50 cent eye patch for a few hours a day to stop her going BLIND!
I love my daughter - I'd give anything for her - including my own eye or eyes, indeed I'd give my life.
If that makes me a "crazy guy" or a "nut" - yes I am - I love my little girl.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

TRIAL ! (but you can't go)

Docket sounding has been scheduled for 4th April for a trial date commencing 28th April for three days.

I called the US Embassy visa line in the UK to get an interview - they can't see me until at least AFTER the 23rd May.

In other words they won't interview me for a visa until AFTER the trial takes place.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

An Open Letter to Barbara Greig

A Letter to Barbara Grieg of the US Central Authority, US Department of State
2201 C Street, N.W. SA-29, 4th FloorWASHINGTON, DC 20520-2818
United States of America
Direct Tel: 202-736-9142 Email:

So you are aware - as you ought to be every single day - almost 2 years have elapsed since Emily and I have seen each other.

You helped Emily go blind.

You helped to hide her.

You believe you know better than Judge Doyle and that you are above the law.

You are irresponsible and dishonest and there appears little I can do to bring you to account for your appalling conduct.


Given the impasse with the mess you have directly helped create such that Emily and I are never to see each other again I am heading to the High Court in London this week armed with a petition and a request for directions based upon the evidence obtained of your fraudulent, abusive misconduct and the failure of an American court to enforce an order for medical treatment for a British child entrusted to the jurisdiction of Florida.

A jurisdiction that has failed to issue orders promptly and effectively, failed to enforce orders promptly and effectively and failed to provide a standard of child protection at least the equivalent of what Emily would have enjoyed in the UK... you know the Hague Convention so you ought to appreciate where I am going to be heading with my arguments and don't think for one moment that I believe Judge Doyle is anything other than an honourable Southern gentleman and a very intelligent, highly competent judge; you could learn a thing or two from him, integrity and decency spring immediately to my mind.

I expect the High Court to turn me away ...and then I file in the European Court of Human Rights.

I suggest if you have any shred of decency that you take a seat in Kathy Ruckman's office and spill your sad, sorry lying guts and give her an opportunity to clean up your foul mess before I do.

s/Karl Hindle

Emily Turned 6 on March 1st - Happy Birthday Darling

Emily turned 6 on March 1st - another missed landmark in her short life for her family and her.

Telephonic access as ordered by the Florida court has ceased again and no doubt, the presents we sent to Emily have "not arrived" once more.

Efforts with the State Department to get a visa to travel appear to have come to nothing yet again - I am not allowed a visa because the US Embassy claims I am trying to emigrate.

A blatant lie by the US Embassy and State Department officials seeking to cover up their misconduct.

The truth is they have permanently barred me from entering the US to see Emily because they have allowed themselves to be misled by an unstable, dishonest American mother who amongst other things has claimed domestic violence, graphical sexual abuse of my children in the UK and of Emily in Florida and had every single allegation demonstrated to be false and dismissed by the US court, the same court even finding her guilty of criminal contempt in the process and yet, and yet ... minor US officials such as Barbara Greig can take it upon themselves to dismiss the findings of an American judge and with no hearing, no due process and no evidence simply abuse their position of authority and unchecked powers to sweep Emily and her rights under whatever bug infested carpet they have for this purpose.

It is almost two years since Emily and I have been allowed to have our court ordered access while the US Government claims it "must defer to the Florida court in matters concerning Emily"; defer in all respects when it suits them but not when it comes to letting Emily see her dad; not when it comes to letting Emily have the medical treatment that could have saved her sight,; not protecting Emily when she was put up for sale and into the care of a convicted American pedophile.

Is this because I'm not American?

Or is it because I have a pair of balls instead of a pair of tits?

Or is it because the best interests of the child are clearly subject to the expediency of covering up the dishonesty of lying, corrupt US Government officials such as Barbara Greig and consular officials at the US Embassy, London?