Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Emily and her dad - New Smyrna Beach Florida - April 2004 - the first time we'd seen each other for 7 months


Anonymous said...

Your story reached me through a men's/father's rights forum at http://standyourground.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10098

Your desire to be a father to your child trumps any I've ever seen or heard, including mothers. Most people pick up and walk away from gov't theft of their children. I salute you sir. If you need our help, join our forum at www.standyourground.com/forum Our group contains men and fathers from many countries, USA, UK, Austrailia, etc.

tapp93 said...


Nice to hear from you - even if it is in such appalling circumstances. Incredulity doesnt really begin to cover it.

Firstly - my AOL account is quite iffy - best e mail contact point is XXX. if you want to stay in touch.

Always admired how you cut your own path - whether it be that 'Terry' incident on TV, ignoring the stupidity of the morons on the field trips, getting straight A's or passing P company - I do remember!

In that vein, taking on a large chunk of the infamous US of A arrogance/ fascism should come as no surprise. Easy to fall into thinking you are handling this with your usual apparent aplomb. It is the second thoughts that cause pause. This must be a tremendous weight on you and your loved ones. But I did mean all that I said about admiration - now comes the risk of patronising flannel - not intended to be.

If I had to choose one person of my acquaintence best suited in terms of grit for a nightmare such as this it would have been you. I have thought about you often over the years. Spent a lot of time around Oswestry and always smiled on passing the house. If these people believe you'll give up or just go away, I suspect they are in for an unpleasant surprise!

Not an instance where I can offer a great deal of practical help - but let me know, even if just want a chat.

Take care