Thursday, July 13, 2006

Florida DCF - Paedophiles and Protective Custody - supported by the State Department ?

I reported Emily's medical neglect to Florida's Department of Children & Families in April 2004 and the case was assigned to Investigator Roberta Miranda of the DeLand office.

I was asked to submit any documentation I had in connection with Emily's medical condition and other paperwork relevant to the concerns for Emily's care and welfare.

I provided Investigator Miranda with copies of the private investigators report concerning Emily's contact with Leslie Merriam - a convicted child sex offender and a lifetime registrant on the Wisconsin Sex Offenders Register. Emily was in the care of this paedophile as a consequence of her mothers attempt to have her unlawfully adopted by Dale Merriam and his wife, Shannon Bodin in Wisconsin.

"All I can say is that there was going to be no paper work and no money changing hands. That Emily was going to be given over to my son."

Investigator Miranda then advised me that children being given to other people to care for them is a common practice in the US and that Emily being in the care of this paedophile and his family was PROTECTIVE CUSTODY ARRANGEMENT.

The DCF file of Investigator Miranda is in my posession - I am unable to publish the file as that is a violation of law however the file cites Barbara Grieg of the State Department once more involved in the matter and the final report states

Mother has the support of the State Department.

As a responsible, loving caring parent I would not allow a convicted paedophile to look after a child, certainly not one of mine - placing Emily into the care of a CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE is more properly called CHILD ENDANGERMENT not protective custody.

What does Sheila Fuith, Emily's mother have to say about this ?


Anonymous said...

Does this never end ? What are these people thinking about !

Anonymous said...

This should not be happening anywere in the would,let alone in a country that is sooo self-righteous!

Theresa Martin said...

I certainly feel your frustration as I too felt the entire world had gone mad when wrong behavior was actually rewarded by judicial & State officials right here in Florida, USA. The Home of Liberty & Freedom, HA! As it turns out, I have learned it is all about the money and the State of Florida is unwilling to pay for righteousness if it intereferes with their fundings. AND get this! Florida authorities will actually reply with a response such as "IT IS UNETHICAL for us to interfere" -- as fully noted on my papers in plain black & white. God give us strength to endure such evilness.