Thursday, July 20, 2006

Have we found Emily ?

Yesterday I spoke with Panama City PD - they visited the address where Emily is supposed to be living at - her aunt's, Debbie Martin - and a safe and well check was conducted.

The officer claims to have seen Emily and that she has nothing wrong with her eyes - they appeared normal.

Below is a photograph of Emily taken earlier this year in Florida:

One thing you cannot say about Emily is that she has "normal eyes" - she is very heavily cross-eyed so I am concerned as to who the police officer actually saw ?

I called the house and eventually spoke to a man there - I asked to speak with Emily in accordance with my telephonic access order but he advised Emily was not there. Earlier I called the house and Debbie Martin answered - "Don't you call my home anymore !" and hung up - Debbie Martin is now claiming I am harassing her .... here we go again !

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