Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Molly Campbell/Misbah Rana

I received a comment to my last post on Renfrewshire Social Services and I replied to it, however I think the writer, called Angela (but not the same Angela Jackson) wrote such an informed and humane comment that I am moved to make it a post together with my response.

Whoever you are Angela, contact me please and thank you for taking the time to write:

"Angela Jackson and Louise Campbell deserve equal compassion and help, and for the same reasons. Both lost their children to bullying scofflaws.

Both were denied the help they so desperately needed, whether it be Legal Aid or help from Social Services.It is unfair, however to try to portray Angela as somehow stronger and braver than Louise, as your post implies.

It is now known that Louise had no choice in her decision to drop her custody case as she was denied Legal Aid, and is left with a hefty legal bill to pay in Pakistan. Remember too, that she was up against not only Sajad Rana, but her three older children, who were unspeakably cruel towards their mother in public, and her main crime in their eyes seemed to be that she was no longer a Muslim. Sajad Rana and his (influenced) offspring have been grinding this poor soul down for years, not just the past six months.

These women deserved all the help and support our public services could throw at them, and the sheer apathy shown towards them and the fate of these kids, UK nationals, is a disgrace.
11:23 AM"

Emily's Dad said...
Angela - I agree with you entirely, I am not in any shape or form attempting to portray Louise as weaker nor Angela as stronger, the effect on parents who are left behind is devastating in a way that only those who experience it can truly understand.

One point I do make however, is that the trauma for fathers is exactly the same as for a mother - there is no difference. Parents who are placed in this situation need help and support and this matter is of such low priority that it is not available to British parents whose children are taken abroad.You obviously know a great deal regarding Louise Campbell and her personal situation with her ex-husband, and I would like to help.

Kindly contact me at"

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