Friday, March 02, 2007

No Happy Birthday for Emily

"Ms Fuith Does Not Wish to Hinder Mr Hindle from wishing Emily a Happy Birthday"

Emily was 5 years old on March 1st, last Thursday - I went through my lawyer to see if we could speak to Emily to wish her a happy birthday and the response came back as follows from Ms Kim Bannister of Legal Services of Central Florida in Daytona FL attorneys for Sheila Fuith, which was emailed to me and I have cut and pasted verbatim:

"Karl: I’m going to type out Kim Banister’s response to our request for telephonic contact today:

It is unfortunate that Mr. Hindle has waited until the last minute to ask to speak to Emily for her birthday today. Ms. Fuith had already made plans for this evenings birthday celebration and will not be back at the house until late. Please provide us with alternative dates and times as Ms. Fuith does not want to hinder Mr. Hindle from wishing Emily a happy birthday.

In the future, advanced notice would probably result in a more favorable outcome for Mr. Hindle for any holiday/birthday telephone visitation requests outside of the agreed upon schedule, as Ms. Fuith does make plans for these special days.

I look forward to hearing from you soon on this matter."

Max and I did call, but we just got the answer machine - I wonder if Emily will get her presents from us this time around or will they end up "missing" like the Christmas gifts and cards we sent ?

Simply shameful Kim Bannister, I think you're a good attorney and just doing your job, but I wonder if you act like this with your child ?

To date Emily has had 5 birthdays and 5 Christmas' - we have only had contact for one of each very special occassion while there is no communication with Sheila at all - just a dark horibble nothing for no reason except to be cruel, vicious, vindictive no matter that it hurts an innocent child.

I came across a quote yesterday it goes something like this:

"Love leaves it's mark, Hate leaves it's mark but we choose ourselves which mark we decide to leave."

I love you Emily Rose and I always will.

Happy Birthday from all of us.


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