Sunday, March 09, 2008

Emily Turned 6 on March 1st - Happy Birthday Darling

Emily turned 6 on March 1st - another missed landmark in her short life for her family and her.

Telephonic access as ordered by the Florida court has ceased again and no doubt, the presents we sent to Emily have "not arrived" once more.

Efforts with the State Department to get a visa to travel appear to have come to nothing yet again - I am not allowed a visa because the US Embassy claims I am trying to emigrate.

A blatant lie by the US Embassy and State Department officials seeking to cover up their misconduct.

The truth is they have permanently barred me from entering the US to see Emily because they have allowed themselves to be misled by an unstable, dishonest American mother who amongst other things has claimed domestic violence, graphical sexual abuse of my children in the UK and of Emily in Florida and had every single allegation demonstrated to be false and dismissed by the US court, the same court even finding her guilty of criminal contempt in the process and yet, and yet ... minor US officials such as Barbara Greig can take it upon themselves to dismiss the findings of an American judge and with no hearing, no due process and no evidence simply abuse their position of authority and unchecked powers to sweep Emily and her rights under whatever bug infested carpet they have for this purpose.

It is almost two years since Emily and I have been allowed to have our court ordered access while the US Government claims it "must defer to the Florida court in matters concerning Emily"; defer in all respects when it suits them but not when it comes to letting Emily see her dad; not when it comes to letting Emily have the medical treatment that could have saved her sight,; not protecting Emily when she was put up for sale and into the care of a convicted American pedophile.

Is this because I'm not American?

Or is it because I have a pair of balls instead of a pair of tits?

Or is it because the best interests of the child are clearly subject to the expediency of covering up the dishonesty of lying, corrupt US Government officials such as Barbara Greig and consular officials at the US Embassy, London?

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gabby said...

My heart goes out to you. I don't know what to say to help. The US government is corrupt and evil. You should be with your daughter. It is only right. Emily Rose is being hurt by all this. Doesn't anyone see that or care? Children should not be separated from their parents. It hurts the children. It wounds them. What can I do to help?