Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Let's Go!! versus Let's 'Ave Some!!

The clock is slowly counting down to getting on the plane and heading Stateside - 5th May cannot come quickly enough but then neither can the return flight as it is an ambivalent trip - seeing Emily again hopefully after two years and leaving my family behind for 5 weeks.

It is a dilemma that parents in this situation face but then we are the lucky ones - while I am itching to get in there and do the business I am mindful of other parents who have never been allowed the opportunity and never see or hear from their children again.

For me it's "Let's Go!" and I'm bloody lucky to be able to do this.

I had a telephone conference with my custody attorney, David Ferguson in Ormond Beach, Florida a few days ago too.

He spoke with a Mr Gleeson at the US Department of State with regards to getting the deposition of Barbara Greig at the Office of Childrens Issues at the Department of State in Washington DC.

"She's got a job to do and is too busy.", was the response to Mr Ferguson's repeated requests for her evidence and as David told me "The more you keep saying "No" the more I think you have something to hide."

Well, if Barbara Greig and the Department of State are not prepared to stand up and give their evidence in a court of law that speaks volumes - the silence is deafening.

I chuckled a little too as I was thinking of when Dizzy my eldest daughter (real name is Elizabeth but Dizzy is my pet name for her) was playing a Wii game - bowling. The Mumbling Midget (my other pet name) is a pocket dynamo and taking a run across the living room floor yelled out as her bowling ball went whizzing down the virtual alley - "Let's 'Ave Some!!" - coming from such a tiny person we all laughed but not when she had three strikes in a row.

Let's Go or Let's 'Ave Some?

Who cares, we are going to "Git 'r' Done!" - hey, it is happening in Florida after all :)

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