Sunday, June 08, 2008

Jeffrey Gorsky - Department of State Legal Eagle

My attorney, David Ferguson came by today.

A bitter sweet visit as his family have suffered a bereavement yesterday yet here he is working on a Sunday.

The next time someone wishes to gripe about lawyers, just consider that like everyone and everything else in life there are good, bad and indifferent.

David is in a very different category.

In a brief meeting conducted on the porch of my beach shack (actually his as he is also putting the roof over my head), David outlined the outcome of the Friday telephone conference between Judge Doyle and the Department of State's Jeff Gorsky.

The ineligibility for visas remains but I am able to reapply for a visa for entry if I return to London. I fnd it strange that the Department of State wishes to get me back to London to deal with this rather than just dealing with the inelgibility here and now so the judge can have some comfort that the US government is not pulling another bluff with an empty promise.

When questioned on what Judge Doyle and the lawyers can do to unblock the jam, the answer was nothing - as Kim Bannister, Sheila's attorney stated after the call, she speaks a couple of languages but not the State Department doublespeak.

I'm flying back to New York on Tuesday/Wednesday and hopefully will have an order from Judge Doyle who still wishes to keep Emily here in the US with her mother but if the State Department refuses the multiple entry visa that constitutes a change in circumstancs and His Honor will reconsider the custody issues.

This begs the question in my mind that a Floridian judge in possession of the evidence of blatant misconduct tied directly to the American mother, with a child who has been neglected to the extent of losing the sight in an eye, has attempted to have Emily adopted out and into the care of a convicted pedophile still cannot get his head wrapped around letting Emily come home to live in the UK?

One observer noted recently that if I was an American dad I would have custody of Emily by now but I live in the UK.

Which begs the question, how sending children to the US for "fair" proceedings to take place can occur if a court has such a mental block in considering the UK a suitable place for a child to be raised?

No point in getting angry or frustrated - one foot in front of the other and head for the UK and the British High Court with what has been uncovered and the result of sending Emily to the United States:
  • neglect and blindness;
  • coaching in making allegationsof the most evil and depraved kind;
  • a court that cannot be prompt nor effective and is being overridden by State Department officials such as Barbara Greig, police officers such as VCSO's Captain Osowski and an officer of the court, Teresa Anderson - and Judge Doyle does nothing ... there is nothing he can do anyway;
  • corrupt US government officials sacrificing a British child entrusted in good faith to their system when it is clear they have no faith in it themselves;
  • a month in jail for the British parent;
  • death threats;
  • 5 years of legal proceedings and no ruling (yet);
  • $430,000 in costs; and
  • most of all - I'm here and have been for 5 weeks, yet Emily and I cannot see each other as the judge will not enforce his orders and the mother maintains visitation must take place in Panama City, 350 miles away after agreeing to Volusia County where I am staying - Emily and I last saw each other on May 28th 2006!

If you are an American parent having to deal with getting your child returned to the United States - what kind of endorsement is all of this when you face a judge in Europe, or worse the UK?

You may be a great mom or dad but are your officials to be trusted?

I say "No!", but it will have to wait to see if the High Court in London agrees with me that if a child is in the UK, sending your child to the United States is a mistake that cannot be allowed to stand under the existing circumstances of US Department of State dishonesty and deceit.

Letting a child go blind in an eye for the sake of a fifty cent eye patch with nine British and US doctors recommending treatment, a British Supreme Court judge ordering it and an order made under international law (powerful law binding on the US).

Wake up America!

You guys are generous, honest and fair - but US government officials, such as Barbara Greig are not and as Judge Doyle advised me in court, "Mr Hindle, the federal government is screwing you!" but in truth, the Department of State's Office of Childrens Issues have created a disgusting reputation and track record in these cases that will haunt you when you stand before a judge in a foreign land begging for the return of your children.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karl, We will keep fighting to get truth and facts out there,maybe its time you wrote to the pres himself hint hint , who knows maybe Barak Obama is the man to talk to also, you never know, go for it.
Chin up, good luck see you soon, from The Jackson Family in Bonnie Scotland, at least here we can expose the goverment. x

Anonymous said...

Karl pass along our condolences to your attorney David. Regards from Jackson Family.

mammabear said...

I just came across your blog this eve. My prayers for you, and the strength you need to deal with this. Prayers for your little girl...that she and you might reunite soon.
I have been working on my own small site. Its new. I'm also on myspace.
Even though the site is new, I am not new to what parental abduction does to a 'left behind' parent, as well as what long-term effects it can have on the child(ren)
If you want help passing your story/blog on along, I would gladly help with that...just let me know.