Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Filing for Appeal

After all the hanky panky and the initial shock of receiving Judge Doyle's final ruling, which I expected but nevertheless it still has had an impact on me, I am now filing for appeal.

At last I'm going to get another judge to look at this mess and we'll see if that is going to result in a change in attitude towards Emily and my request for relief.   Still, after 3 months in America this year, there has been no visitation with Emily and no telephonic contact since May but her school have acceded to the orders and agree I am to be allowed information on Emily's schooling - Sheila had told them I had been ordered to have no contact - yet another make believe lie.

I've had some emails and calls from friends, family and others following the case asking what I'm going to do next.  

The answer is simply to proceed with the legal process and appeal but unlike 5 years of obfuscation in trial court, the appeal court seems to act extremely quickly so my energies are now focused on the working as hard as possible, getting as much money together as possible and working out the appeal process and as they say in Floridian parts, "Git 'r' Dun!"

As ever, if at first you don't succeed, try again.

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