Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bring Sean Home Rally - Washington DC

A dreary rainy day which reminded me of English weather so very much but also a heart warming day too.

I met up in DC with about hundred, maybe two hundred supporters and family members of Sean Goldman as President Obama and President Lula of Brazil met in the White House - it is easy to see why this team has made such an impression on the so far unimpressionable media and political influencers when international child abduction raises its nasty head.

They are organised, motivated and deeply committed - David is fortunate to have such an outstanding network and Sean is very fortunate to have such a father prepared to go through this nerve shattering torture.

The spirit was undampened and I was not the only other parent to have made the journey as I met several parents, mostly fathers, with children abducted overseas and many of them to Brazil.  It came as a continued surprise for many people as they came to understand that this is not simply a "problem" with Brazil and the US but the problems extend much wider around the globe.

I chatted briefly with Congressman Chris Smith who has been instrumental in the political aspects of this campaign and when I explained Emily had been taken from the UK to the US his first question was what had my experience been with the US authorities.

I told him - appalling.

Very tellingly he was not surprised.

His chief of staff all but snatched the folder of paperwork I had brought with me to look at what had been going on  - even better, I understand there will finally be Congressional hearings on the whole shooting match.

How does this leave Sean and his father, David Goldman is uncertain but I get the distinct feeling that some impetus is being added to the whole issue and the press certainly were there in force too - if any court is going to decide sean's fate it is most likely going to be the court of public opinion in Brazil and the United States.

I'll publish some of the photographs when I can get my digital camera to behave but for more information on the sean Goldman case visit and even better, sign up and help with your voice and petition votes.

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Beth said...

So glad you were able to make it there to support him. I admire you greatly.