Saturday, March 21, 2009

Visitation - Finally?

Well the recent legal shennigins seem to have had some impact - I have been offered visitation for Spring Break which for Panama City will be next week.

I'm waiting on the final details to come through which seems to be focusing on getting a precise address for where the visitation handover is to take place - it's been almost 3 years!

As with everything else, it may be third time lucky -this will be the third trip to PC to see Emily and I'm trying not to get my hopes up as my other half says, 

"I know you'll be getting to drive to Panama City at least!" 

Talking with my son, Max, yesterday as we played the online computer games he's so into, the conversation went something like,

"Come on Dad  - you're slow - shoot him!  Do you think you'll get to see Emily?"

"Don't know son - we just have to try."

"You'll need to try harder than this Dad - you're useless!"

See - there's also a silver lining in every cloud as luckily for me, getting to see Emily is not a computer game requiring the mental and manual dexterity of a 12 year old - but I bet a 12 year old could straighten this mess out better than the adults involved so far.

Take a deep breath and now the waiting and build-up are going to start which I personally find murderous on the nerves - will I or will I not finally get to see my beautiful little girl?


Anonymous said...

nonsense your son was not playing online games with you but you do have a vivid imagination this from the horses mouth so to speak as others know your son is in fact embarrassed by your actions and ashamed of you

Anonymous said...

answer to your question in your head.. is no we know you are not going to see emily another statement straight from horses mouth a very reliable source