Thursday, April 16, 2009

5th District Court of Appeal - Motion Granted Mr Hindle

Hearing the flap of the mailbox this afternoon I checked to see what missives had arrived.

One looked radioactive replete with "FLORIDA FIFTH DISTRICT COURT OF APPEAL" stamped across it - I poked it with a stick and as it wasn't breathing I proceeded to open it at arms length.

It was a response to a motion to supplement the record to which the opposition objected.

Blah, blah, blah - then - motion granted.


Working pro se (meaning without a lawyer) is daunting but not impossible (just impractical) - it feels like Daniel being fed to the lions though as yet, I have not had the opportunity to represent myself in court and is a delight I guess will be waiting for me down the road.

Bottom line - my motion has been granted - the appeal is on and a stack of evidence is in - including medical records and the Hague order for Emily to receive the medical treatment which has been ignored for so long.

Now how do you like them apples!


Anonymous said...

rather a contradiction in other post you mention your lawyer
then you say your conducting your own appeal

Anonymous said...

What won't a lawyer take you on??? Print this you waste!

Anonymous said...

I commend you for following through with this most difficult process. As a parent who deeply loves their child regardless of the circumstances the greatest gift you can give your daughter despite all the circumstances is to hear her. In her mind, she has questions and she has questions based on the world around her. She is what, a baby of only 7? A few months older than my 6.5 yr old son and how difficult it is to answer 'grown up' questions which should be of no worry to a child's innocence.

I will repeat, Karl, the GREATEST gift you can give your daughter right now despite the circumstances is to LISTEN to her. DO NOT take personally what she says, that so and so is her daddy and you are Karl. It is not through any choice precious Emily is sorting out the world she lives in. Perseverance and patience is all you need. Let Emily sort this out.... I am 110% certain she can and will even across the pond my friend. Send her letters with return reciept at min. She can read at 7.

I PROMISE Emily will see how much you loved and fought for her, and she deserves that time as long as it takes.

I know your heart aches and breaks while you are waiting.

Stay steadfast and persevere my dear friend Karl.

Michelle- Dupage County( ultra conservative land), formerly known as Cubfanmommy. Karl when you get out to Chicago you need to let me know! you can always reach me via Teri Stoddard if need be. XXOO my friend.

Anonymous said...

You are one scarry dude!! I feel so sorry for poor little Emily!! Do her a favor and leave her alone!! I am sure this won't make the comments!

Carlos Bermudez said...

Glad to know there is some progress slow going though it may be. We will all be lawyers before this is over.

Anonymous said...

your visa permanent arsehole

Anonymous said...

still posting your own anonymous comments written by you