Monday, June 08, 2009

David & Sean Goldman: Dateline

I just finished watching the Dateline piece on the Goldman's as I steal myself for a week of legal preparation and drafting.

My other half asked me why Dateline wasn't covering all the other cases - and with Brazil alone there are around 50 to 70, and Brazil is by no means unique - there are in fact hundreds and thousands of children and parents going through this.

I've become very focused these last couple of weeks so I have not been following David's efforts as closely as I have been; in fact all I am thinking of is getting the initial brief filed and getting that ticked off my To Do list.

For those who have more time than I do right now, you can follow David's battle to get Sean home here:

For everyone else who have been wondering why I fell off the face of the earth - I'm just head down and concentrating on the next phase which should be coming to a head sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the emails - I do read them and they do give me courage.

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