Saturday, July 18, 2009

Volusia County Judge Doyle Makes the TV News - The Judge Who Let Emily Go Blind

I have been surprised at the number of people who have been emailing me with concerns over Volusia County Judge John V. Doyle.

WFTV-Florida ran a story yesterday on Judge Doyle and his refusal to allow a father of three to remain in his home under foreclosure despite having worked out a deal with the lender who also did not want the foreclosure to continue.

He was rotated out of family court last year and is now in civil court dealing with foreclosures - his latest gaff is when a father of three was in foreclosure - Mr Gomez took advantage of the Federal Loan Modification Program, worked with his lender and came up with the money - his check was cashed, the lender was happy and did not want the home sold from under the family.

But Judge Doyle said "No!" - denied the motion to set aside the foreclosure proceedings and demonstrated once again how when it comes to the law - state law, federal law, international law - it is trumped in his court by his own dogma.

The story was covered by WFTV in Central Florida and the broadcast is here.

President Obama signed the Federal Loan Modification bill into law to help families avoid losing their homes - Mr Gomez did everything he was supposed to do and this was not supposed to happen but President Obama should be advised that Judge Doyle's view is that in "Volusia County, we are provincials - we don't do the Hague Convention!" - nor the Federal Loan Modification Program, nor pretty much else.

I recall Judge Doyle saying, "At my age all I look forward to is a good night's sleep and a decent bowel movement!"

Clearly, Judge Doyle has not yet had a decent bowel movement and is still full of it.


goneaway said...

Good to see that Charlotte's buddy is finally getting the light that he deserves. Hopefully, it wont stop with just the local news. It will go on to National Headlines, spark an interest in honest lawmakers (if there are any) and something will be done. Also, any more on that stuff with Charlotte?

Anonymous sounds like she is smitten with you. Just wont get of your back. Would hate to have a life like hers.

Emily's Dad said...

Hi - I didn't realise she was back on the scene - shows how much time I'm wasting worrying over her :)

It's certainly an interesting development isn't it - we'll have to talk about all this later.

Anonymous said...

emily is not blind quit looking for attention , no one cares anymore as you have been exposed as a liar

Anonymous said...

hahahaha goneaway and you one and same person, hey goneaway didnt know you liked associating with paedophiles DEARY

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

goneaway thats cos you got no life except with on here darling