Thursday, October 08, 2009

Arrest Warrant Issued by Florida Judge for Emily's Dad on Stalking from 1,000 miles

I returned to the UK from the US on 22nd September as the US Department of Homeland Security would not extend my visa despite the appeal process pending in Florida.

I get home to find that the new husband of my ex, Emily's mom, had filed stalking charges against me because Patsy and I had complained to the police of his threats to the pair of us and him claiming to be a cop.

The result was that despite not being served, there was an arraignment hearing on October 2nd in Panama City before His Honor Judge Shane Vann.

I faxed the judge on October 1st to advise His Honor that I was in the UK, had not been served and in any event could not possibly attend because I was overseas.

I copied in the family court judge, His Honor Judge Rowe in DeLand, Volusia County for good measure - I checked with the online system - "No action per Judge"

The result is that Judge Vann has issued an arrest warrant for me because I failed to appear.

The stalking charges have been filed by Paul Swindell, Sheila's new husband - no stranger to the wrong side of law enforcement with an arrest record for assault and battery on several occasions as well as grand theft, not to mention he was arrested for beating his former wife who also had to obtain a protection order to stop him and which the court was convinced, she needed.

He claims I have followed him continuously since April 2009.

Yet, with the sole exception of the Spring Break visitation, I have not been within 500 miles of Panama City.

Paul Swindell claims I have his home under observation and tracked him down.

His wife filed a change of address with the court which is how I was notified of the address.

He claims I have tried to have him fired from his job.

Until he filed these ridiculous charges, I did not know where he worked.

Now, call me cynical but what do you think the odds are that as I am told to leave the US by Immigration, a local police department (Panama City PD) with whom Paul Swindell has connections, should file stalking charges against a man who lives 1,000 miles away and now, 4,000 miles away?

What do you think the odds are that this happens just as we come to the end of the appeals process in Florida?

Answers in an email please but if anyone has a defense attorney willing to represent me pro bono, I'd be very grateful for the referral.


Carlos Bermudez said...

I'm all about gender equality but if I'm not mistaken this "stalking" charge is originating from the same macho rent-a-cop type that tried to intimidate you when you visited your daughter, no? Quite a change from intimidater and harasser to intimidated and harassed. It would seem legal expedience can make all the difference in the world.

You almost feel bad for the guy. He got involved with the type of mentally ill person that kidnaps a child and now that her credibility is completely shot he has to go to court and file frivolous suits and charges about how you're hurting his feelings so that she can continue to put roadblocks between you and a relationship with your daughter.

Jon said...

Gotta love the American system. I am wondering if Charlotte had anything to do with this coward doing this. She is just as cowardly as this guy,and you know birds of a feather.

Good luck with this one Karl. Seems your worthless ex, her worthless attorney and coward of a husband are all in the same boat.

Gargantuan Media said...

Hello Karl, I found your blog as I was looking for cases of men being falsely accused of stalking. I'm sorry to say that your name came up several times on google.

Your daughter is in danger of going blind because your ex-wife is denying her treatment? Is that correct?

If the State of Florida is so keen to prosecute you for stalking from 1,000 miles away why can't they prosecute your ex-wife for Neglect and Child Abuse right there in Bay County?

This stalking business sounds like a bogus case but pressing the Neglect case for your daughter's sight being taken away would both get her parental rights terminated with a conviction and you re-united with your daughter to pursue medical treatment.

Best of luck seeking justice.

cat said...

I will never understand the evilness that people have within themselves.

Another ploy from the ex wife and husband to further aleinate you from your Daughter. That judge must be smokin some crack.

Hang in there. My prayers are with you !