Friday, June 04, 2010

The Fifth District Court of Appeal Rules on Emily

I received the ruling from the 5th District Court of Appeal in Daytona, FL last month. I have been busy with a couple of issues, notably filing the papers for taking the case to the Supreme Court and now I can post an update on Emily's case.

The Appeal court ruled partially in my favour and partially against me.

I won:
  • reversal of the $30,000 back child support award;
  • reversal of the monthly child support award (it was around $780 per month);
  • the mother must pay her share towards the visitation costs (I paid all of it previously)
  • that Emily's mother unilaterally removed her from the UK; and
  • most important of all -
The Appeal court ruled there was NO jurisdiction in Florida nor anywhere else in the United States!

I lost:
  • because they decided they were keeping Emily anyway;
  • they ignored the neglect for Emily's blindness;
  • they ignored Emily being placed up for sale/adoption; and
  • they ignored Emily being given to a pedophile in Wisconsin
  • but most of all -
The Appeal Court is keeping Emily with her mother!

A full copy of the opinion is to be found here

I have appealed the appeal to the Florida Supreme Court on the jurisdiction issue and the neglect of Emily's eye condition and several other matters, but this is the last step before we get into Federal court.

Pro Se All the Way!

More on that later...

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