Thursday, December 16, 2010

Emily Koyama - Abducted to Costa Rica - An Appeal to her Mother, Trina Atwell

Emily Koyama was born in 2008 to Trina Atwell and Roy Koyama. The relationship ended and Trina took Emily to Costa Rice and wrongly retained her there. Costa Rica has issued a return order which Trina is currently defying and an arrest warrant is outstanding for her in Missouri.

Emily is now 2 and was due to fly home to Missouri this Tuesday, and back to her father who has won custody, though the court in Missouri may decide differently in future (depending on Atwell's conduct now).

The situation is rapidly escalating with US federal agencies seeking a UFAP warrant (Unlawful Flight from Prosecution) and the Costa Rican authorities looking at issuing the same.

There has to be a way forward out of this situation!

The mother, Trina Atwell, is looking at maybe facing some jail time in the US (probably none as state prosecutions are so few and far between and jailtime is almost unheard of for a mother) and surrendering to the US Embassy in Costa Rica to avoid this mess spiralling out of control.

The alternative is a life on the run in Costa Rica, eventual capture and the certainty of jail time in Costa Rica (not a good thing). Meanwhile the FBI would look to have her deported upon completion of that sentence to face jail time in the US. Emily in the interim would be in the sole care of her daddy, and likely lose many years with her mom who would be serving time in Costa Rican and US jails.

There must be a way out of this...and there is.

Trina - if you are reading this, this is your way out. You must surrender to the US Embassy with Emily. If you do this, we can immediately work on getting the prosecution in Green County MO dropped and getting you and Roy to work together for Emily's sake. No-one wants to see you go to jail or for Emily to lose you or her daddy.

This is a difficult time for you right now - take a deep breath and come forward. Do the right thing here - do not run the risk of jail in Costa Rica and Emily not being able to see you at all - you still have a chance to keep Emily in the Green County court, but you must come home and face the music now.

I'll pray for all of you, but I'll pray for you the most - please come home.

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