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Day 9 for Emily Koyama in Foster Care in Costa Rica

It is Day 9 for Emily Koyama who continues to be unlawfully retained from her Daddy in the United States.

Emily was set to come home before Christmas, but her mother - Trina Atwell - who kidnapped Emily in February 2009 disappeared. The Costa Rican court reconvened after the Holiday Season and ordered Emily home - little Emily Koyama was taken into protective foster care to ensure her mother did not abduct her again.

Atwell sought the intercession of a women's rights agency - the Defensoria - in Costa Rica.However, AM Costa Rica, an online news outlet reported today,

Costa Rican officials seem to accept without question the claims by the woman that they have been abused. In the case of Ms. Atwell, the Defensoría said that she was a victim of family violence and fled from the United States to safeguard her physical and psychological integrity and the lives of both.

Acting on Atwell's behalf, they filed for Atwell and Emily Koyama to be treated as refugees from the United States. Without checking with the US judge in Missouri who has already ruled on the issues of Atwell's claims to be a victim of domestic violence, the Costa Rican Defensoria immediately asserts Trina Atwell is a victim of domestic violence and further, the return of Emily back to the United States (from where she was kidnapped) is additional violence against the mother!

This also seems to fly in the face of the fact that Atwell was claiming she was ready to return before December, provided Koyama would have his MO custody order set aside. In other words, if he agreed to drop custody she'd come back.

What I find particularly egregious is the timing of this claim for refugee status. Again according to AM Costa Rica, the Defensoria had been acting with Atwell since the December hearings when it was then ordered to return Emily home to the US:

In a news release Thursday, the Defensoría noted that it had been working with Ms. Atwell as an adviser in judicial actions since December and recently placed its own action in favor of the woman and child in the Sala IV constitutional court.

Did the Costa Rican Defensoria assist Atwell in concealing Emily from the authorities prior to Christmas so they could then play this refugee card?

We'll never know, but as AM Costa Rica continues, the Defensoria has not even bothered to consult with the American judge who dealt with the initial allegations of violence - they are simply taking the word of the mother at face value:

...Ahmed Tabash, who is in charge of the Defensoría press office also said that the agency had not talked to the U.S. judge involved in the case nor to the husband who is in Missouri.

That really does not look good and the motivation of the Defensoria has got to be seriously questionned for acting as it has - after all, where were they for the last 2 years as the Costya Rican courts moved again and again to return this kidnapped 100% American child back home to the US?

Only a couple of weeks ago, Atwel stated in numerous public forums, including Bring Sean Home, that she was planning to return and raising money from donations to effectuate this and post any bail money she needed to post given there is an outstanding kidnapping warrant for her in MO. It was only after the Costa Rican judge got fed-up with her antics and moved to enforce the return order that Atwell played the refugee card.

But my question here is- if Atwell was so terrified, so frightened of Koyama that she could even qualify as a refugee - why was she telling everyone she was ready to return?

It seems Trina is only frightened when she isn't getting her own way.

I also find this refugee issue troubling because of a simple fact overlooked - Trina Atwell has no custody rights in this matter whatsoever. In law, she has no rights - she simply has possession of the child (or at least she did until PANI took Emily into protective custody).

How can Atwell ask for refugee status for a child she has no custody over? It's not as if you or I could take a kid to Canada and ask to be called refugees, and by the way I'll keep the kid I kidnapped.

Sadly, this post comes on the same day the US Department of Justice issued a comprehensive report entitled, "The Crime of Family Abduction" which underlines the continuing trauma child abduction inflicts upon left-behind parents, but most of all little girls and boys like Emily Koyama.

I have tried desperately hard to find evidence AGAINST the father - Roy Koyama.

Trina Atwell, assisted by her sister, Lynette Garet, have made extensive claims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and drug addiction with multiple arrests and convictions for a plethora offenses.

Bear in mind that all these allegations have already been tested in court, both in the United States and Costa Rica - and have been thrown out. Trina Atwell was found to be neither a victim nor credible in her allegations.

Atwell and Garet's credibility has already been called into question given their false claim the father had tried to stop Trina Atwell from seeing Emily while in foster care - a blatant lie as Koyama has done no such thing. Still Garet and Atwell claims this makes Koyama a "Monster!" and they continue to claim this on their Facebook page.

I think they should be looking in the mirror given what they have done to Emily so far.

Roy Koyama - the Brutal Unvarnished Truth

I have performed exhaustive searches of public and court records, trying to find evidence of Roy's supposed addiction to drugs and a violent history of kicking the proverbial out of everyone he meets.

This is what I have discovered:

2005 - Koyama was charged with a domestic violence misdemeanor - the case was thrown out as having no probable cause -his then wife (not Trina) and he got into an argument, she called the cops and in Butte CA it is a mandatory arrest policy which means you call, they haul and someone will go to jail - in this case, as in 99% of cases the cops hauled the man off to jail. The final result was a verdict of NOT GUILTY (do you all hear that - not guilty means he never did anything to begin with)

November 1992 - Koyama got into a fight - that is, when he was in his early-20's (19 years ago) he got into a fight (not with a woman but another man) - he pled no contest and received a fine.


One fist fight 19 years ago and a marital argument blown out of proportion. None of which involved Trina Atwell in the slightest degree.

Now where are all these drug convictions and violent crime convictions Koyama has supposed to have committed?

Unless they are even further back in time which takes them before computers were invented (I mean - a 19 year old misdemeanor conviction justifies kidnapping a kid overseas...come on Atwell, pull the other leg it has bells on) - I cannot find anything to show Koyama is not a fit parent.

But then on the other hand....

Trina Atwell:
  • Model Mother - kidnapped youngest daughter overseas to Costa Rica - abandoned another daughter behind in the United States;
  • Model Wife - marries a Costa Rican man apparently for a green card, leaves him shortly thereafter and has Emily with Roy - leaves Roy for someone else, not her husband - eventually reunites with husband after kidnapping Emily to Costa Rica where he just happens to be and she needs someone to look after her;
  • Model Witness - loses her case in 2 courts in 2 countries - claims allegations which still go unsupported by any evidence except her word, repeatedly shown to be thoroughly dishonest in making false claims and allegations;
  • Model Role Model - despite claims of heavy substance abuse against the father, which seems to be a load of balls, Trina has an issue with alcohol;
  • Model Home Provider - since being taken to Costa Rica, Emily Koyama has been shuttled between different addresses and locations as Trina Atwell sought to hide and manipulate the Costa Rican legal process - something other left-behind parents will be well aware of from their own experiences; and
  • Model People - Henner Chavarria, the several times cuckolded husband is also no stranger to alcohol it seems.
I don't like saying these things - there is no pleasure in any of this whatsoever - not least because this is Day 9 of a poor, frightened little girl sleeping in foster care, somewhere in Costa Rica, when she should be sound asleep back home in Springfield Missouri....and would be except for her appallingly behaved mother who cares about her so very between partying like there is no tomorrow left

Now I am off to vomit.

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