Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Emily Rose Hindle - 9 Years Old Today

Emily Rose Hindle - 9 years old today - Happy Birthday Titch - Daddy's Coming!

The VA Bill is awaiting Gov. McDonnell's signature and Emily Koyama's case is in holding pattern while the Costa Rican courts get themselves sorted out. Meanwhile, the US appellate process has ended and it is now, finally, time to get back into court in FL to straighten things out.

I was interviewed over the weekend on the issue of international child abduction and one thing I said, and always say to left-behind Mom's and Dad's is not to quit.

When you were born, you were blue and silent for a fraction of time far too long for my comfort - what felt like an eternity passed before you took a breath and made sure the world knew you'd arrived. 

Most of all, you marked my heart darling and it will never, ever fade.

Happy Birthday Emily Rose and we're not together still, but mark your Daddy well - I love you and I will never, ever give up on you.

All my Love and a Happy Birthday for You,

Daddy xxx


Mona Lena said...

Happy Birthday Emily!

Cecil Belle, 乐台风 said...

Thinking of you and your sweet girl! Always hoping the two of you will be together sooner than later.

Keep fighting the good fight. Know you have people out there (myself included) for support whenever you need it.