Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Emily and her Dad after 18 months missing in Kansas

Reunited with Emily after nearly 18 months - Daytona Florida January 2006

The first thing I asked Emily was "Do you know who I am ?" - Emily looked up at me looming over her and smiled and said "You're Dad !"

I could feel a tear in my eye and the love I feel for Emily welled up inside....Emily remembered who I was.


Lisa said...

She is so precious, Karl. We are praying for you and Emily - that Justice will reign supreme and that this precious child will be spared further suffering.

It is only a matter of time before this house of cards in the system comes crashing down.

Anonymous said...

Emily is beautiful and she looks so happy with her dad.

Keep fighting she's too precious to lose.

Rob Layton said...

Karl... I have put this piece on all my blogs and also linked it to this blog. Like Lisa, I and my family are praying for you all. I have only just started Men Talk U.K again but I will put it on there also. I wish you and your daughter well.
God Bless and keep you.
Rob Layton.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I feel so horrified for what you and mainly she has gone through. Unbelievable. How did her Mom get the money to go all this? Who was the one behind helping her figure out when and how to do what to you both?????? I can't even imagine the pain you've suffered...I pray also that justice in the Family Courts will one day be seen...What proof did Emily's Mom use that when she accused of molestation???? So many questions. Was your case in Volusia county???? Please respond where you sent your email to...Daytonaproperty@yahoo.com. By the way...how did I get this email from you? How did you get my email address?? From where? Thanks. I have some things going on to help stop the system from failing the CHILDREN...but it will take years...I hope something happens before then...but we'll hold our breaths and see...because that's what this feels like without our children...like we're holding our breath....and can't breath. God Bless and may Jesus fill your heart with the peace it takes to get through evil on earth.

Anonymous said...

What a tragic story! I've had some dealings with the US State Department which knew my daughter was involved with a pedophile in the care of her father in Italy; yet, they said my abducted children were okay. There is a cover-up here that needs to get out. Generally, the departments of state support the parent who has physical possession of the child. The left-behind parent (myself, for example) is depicted as a crazy person. I get so angry about the lack of attention to international abduction!

Beverly Rittenberry said...

She is just a doll. As I'm typing there's tears in my eyes. I do believe the justice system does s..., well no I know it does as my son is dealing with custody. I also will keep you both in my prayers.

para said...

My goodness... I can't imagine the pain you have been going through. The powerr of a father shall prevail. prayer to you !

LauraInMonroe said...

This story should be on the front page of US and European International bewspapers!