Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So where are we now ?

Well, I'm sitting here in my living room looking out over the green fields that surround my home on the country estate of Lord Rayleigh about 35 miles east of London, England while Emily is thousands of miles away somewhere in Florida.

Emily was born a few miles away in Maldon, the home of George Washington's grandfather and many of the pilgrim fathers originate from this area of England.

I'm waiting on a hearing taking place on 28th June for a motion by Emily's mother, Sheila Kay Fuith, who wants to move to the other side of the state to her sisters, Debbie Martin, in Panama City.

This yet another move for Emily who has been hidden all over the US over the last few years as Sheila tries to evade the legal process - to date Emily has been hidden in Maryland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, the Carolinas, Virginia, Florida, Missouri and Kansas and has been moved over 35 times in 3 years.

We found Emily in January 2006 in Kansas, where Sheila had been hiding out at a friend of friends, Teri Jacobson of Lawrence KS - while Emily was missing she was classified as ENDANGERED by FDLE and listed as MISSING by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Washington DC.

So why was Emily classified as endangered ?

Firstly, Emily has an eye condition which is leaving her blind in one of her eyes - it is known as AMBLYOPIA - the most common form of blindness in children in both the UK and the US - and it is TREATABLE !

Secondly, when Emily was first taken to the US her mother, two months after arriving in the US, Sheila placed Emily up for an unlawful adoption known as a "babyswitch" - this is where a child is simply given away with no legal paperwork.

Thrdly, as a result of the attempt at a babyswitch, Emily was placed into the care of a convicted paedophile, Leslie Merriam. Merriam was convicted in 1992 on three counts of second degree sexual assault on children for which he received jail time, probation and lifetime registration on the Wisconsin Sex Offenders Register - click to follow the link to the search page and enter Merriam's name.


Anonymous said...

keep going as your daugther needs you ,corruption needs to be brought to light and the people that allow these thing to happen need to be exposed for what thay are!i don't think thay could care for a cats interest, let alone that of an infant child !

Anonymous said...

Unbeliveable. This USA agent who perverted justice should do TIME!