Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Visa News - You can Go Mr Hindle

I received an email from the Department of State advising that I am now being issued with a visa to go to the US for the trial in May.

Even Judge Doyle had to get in on the act and write to the US Embassy in London which seems to have been the straw that has broken this stubborn camel's back - thanks Judge Doyle!! I don't think His Honor really likes me but he has no idea of how high a regard I hold him.

Now my flights are all taken care of, I have places to stay in New York and Florida and most of all I am hoping to be able to get to see Emily again.

Almost two years since I last saw her being taken by her mom and her friend after being stopped from having our last visitation in DeLand which left me heartbroken but at least the judge is finally going to be allowed to see all of this nonsense.

Blindness, pedophiles, adoption, abduction, forgery, false police reporting, false allegations of the most depraved kind, coaching of little Emily by her mom, perjury, criminal contempt, and the sad litany goes on and on.

I fly into New York at the start of May and leave at the start of June. My children here are all a little upset at the thought of me having to leave again but then they understand why and they want to see Emily again too. I'm a very fortunate man to have such kids and they have helped me get through this enormously.

Tabbing is what Para's call Yomping - remember that term from the Falklands War in 1982. TV footage of paras and marines carrying impossibly large packs across horrendous terrain in appalling weather. I was talking with a friend last night about my tabbing song (though the Falklands was before my time) - I used to replay Madness "Our House" and "My Girl's Mad at Me" in my head while blisters on my blisters developed and those infamous bergen burns seared my shoulders and back - anything to take your mind off the pain.

I remember only too well, staff yelling at you to "Switch On!" and you dared not sit down at any time - the reason being was that you had to go through all of that and still be capable of fighting and winning at the end of it. It's what sets Paras apart from the rest.

TAB is Tactical Advance to Battle.

The tabbing is now almost over and it has been the hardest slog in my life and the most painful.

Now I am going to fight but not with SLR, GPMG, Charlie G, 7.62's, grenades and a bayonet but with the love I have for little Emily.

The pen is supposed to be mightier than the sword but if you want a nuclear bomb of a weapon in your armoury while you try to care for your children in these situations ,the most effective and powerful weapon you have is quite simply "Love"....and a bank balance helps too!


John Doe said...

Fantastic news Karl! Good luck!

HeatherRainbow said...

I am so glad for you. May is not far away at all.

Here's to Love.