Thursday, April 03, 2008

You Can Have a Visa....briefly! Woof!!!

Well what can I say - the email ether has been busy today with the US Embassy London and the Office of Childrens Issues asking for flight information and addresses and contacts for where I would be staying in the US - provide that and I can have a visa for a few days to go to the hearing in Florida that is scheduled for ...... tomorrrow morning.

OK guys - if I buy a flight, hoof into London to your Embassy - hang around for however long it takes for you to contemplate your navel - get a train to one of the airports - bear in mind taking all my papers and files for court - grab a flight - fly 3,500 miles to Florida - I may, just conceivably may, get to the court on time for a hearing.

Probably I'll stink like a dog, look dishevelled, unshaved, no time to discuss or prepare with my attorney and probably I won't even get there in time and indeed, I may not be allowed in to the country because I also then have to convince immigration I am not going to blow up Abraham Lincoln's statue or fart on the sidewalk. Yeah right - I'll give that character a kid ...NOT!

Seems fair?

Let me think - the Department of State has been repeatedly advised of this hearing and court for several months - after much wrangling 3 days before the hearing they gracefully give an emergency interview, and less than 24 hours before the hearing that takes place several thousand miles away they say I can go ..for a few days.

Why is the European Union and the UK sending children to a jurisdiction that behaves so badly?

Why has Emily Rose been allowed to go blind in an eye?

Why is the US Government ignoring US and UK judges and international, US and constitutional law?

Why was Emily Rose taken from the UK by the US Embassy London with no due process, no evidence and hidden in the US while being put up for sale and adoption and into the care and contact of a convicted child sex offender?

What the bloody hell is so wrong with a US judge that the US Government doesn't defer to his wisdom and court orders?

Why am I being treated like a dog?
Karl, heel boy heel! Roll over!! Sit!!! - Oh for Pete's sake will you play dead!!!!
I'll do the doggy impressions, swallow my pride and try to be dignified - but why has Emily Rose been treated like shit?

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HeatherRainbow said...

the US is arrogant.... why do you think the Hague Convention does not apply?

Best of luck on your court date! Don't give up!