Thursday, May 08, 2008

Florida at Four

I spoke with Emily last night for the first time in months. Something tells me mom is now switching on and is behaving herself in readiness for Judge Doyle.

Window dressing.

Emily was clearly being coached with some of the things she was saying - I asked her if she like to go to Disney "I don't like Disney!" - yeah, right!

23rd May 2008 - and Judge Doyle is getting this whole bag of snakes laid out for him so play some more games because it isn't going to wash.

Awoke this morning in New York at the ungodly hour of 4am so I could get my ride to La Guardia and a flight down to Orlando, Florida.

Packed and ready to go after an evening carousing with Jill and Sylvia; I listened as Sylvia kept mentioning this nephew and that great nephew and so on and so on. While she was guzzling the Laphraoig with me (a gift from Jill) I couldn't help but wish she was my aunt too and I felt very comfortable with Jill at my side mothering me and Sylvia verbally fencing.

Lovely women.

A brief ride to the airport and laughing and joking with Joseph who does all the driving around picking waifs and strays up for Jill. Top bloke who has now gotten the correct pronunciation of "bollocks" down to a tee.

3 hour flight down into Florida and the cool, sociable New York weather becomes the humidity of the sub tropics. Listening to a congregation of coloured women swapping tales of husbands, ex husbands and boyfriends with each other in voices so loud they didn't need a tannoy system and they were seriously funny!

Taking off the plane commenced a sharp left then right hand turn taking us over Manhattan with a pivot around Central Park. That iconic skyline I had missed on my initial arrival was briefly laid out as the cloud shrouded the city in a fade to black shot any film director would have been ecstatic to have caught and in a moment, bursting sun pouring into the cabin as we cleared the cloud layer. New York has a hold on me for life, not least as that is where I met and fell in love with Emily's mother.

Now here in Orlando and feeling the heat. Hopefully will see Emily on Saturday but they are baulking at visitation as my attorney, David Ferguson said yesterday - apparently it is Mothers Day on Sunday. Emily has never had a Fathers Day so get over to Volusia County on Saturday and do whatever you are doing on Sunday - stop screwing Emily over for spite.

Anyway, we shall see what pans out and I'm heading back to New York on the 17th to meet up with David Bennett and crew.

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utahbrew said...

Karl, Keep up the good work. I like your blog. Good luck in Florida. See you in New York on May 17. David.