Saturday, May 24, 2008

Judge Doyle: "Mr Hindle, the Federal Government is Screwing You!"

Well yesterday we had a day of trial but there is no ruling at this time after what has been an extremely bizarre hearing that twisted as much as any John Grisham novel.

Initially we were getting hammered by Judge Doyle because we had asked for a continuance as evidence is still in transit from the UK.


Seeing a judge in full swing is worse than a heavyweight coming at you believe me.

As the day progressed Judge Doyle latched onto the State Department interference and tied the mother and Barbara Greig at the Office of Childrens Issues directly together.

His Honor Judge John Doyle refused to issue any ruling and is going to attempt a conference call with the State Department, the attorneys and himself to unblock the hash the State Department has created with Sheila in blocking access to the United States.

As His Honor noted, there are plenty of people here illegally who never have any problems so why are they picking on me.

Best of all though was I got to see a photograph of Emily taken a day or two ago - she's a beautiful child said Judge Doyle, and I replied she takes after me and giggled.

I was hoping to see Emily today but that isn't happening but hopefully I will next week when school is out.

Much more to report but not enough time.

Thanks for all the emails and messages of support - appreciate it very much.

Karl aka Emily's Dad


Anonymous said...

ajWow wow Karl , well done big bro, we are with you all the way as song says biy LONESTAR, THE WHOLE JACKSON FAMILY ARE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY TO THE END. Keep at em, If I could do it you sure as hell can. Bring Emily home soon.Good Luck from all of us . See you soon. Kick butt.xxxx Angela, Darren and Kairen x

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karl for message, I know you will keep on kicking butts and demanding answers like I had to. see you soon , GOOD LUCK. I did it so can you.x

Heather Rainbow said...


Don't ever give up. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.