Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Lost in America

OK, I'm not lost but chilling out in upstate New York with my hayfever giving me a real dose.

Sitting here in the kitchen overlooking the garden and feeling a warm breeze wafting in from the lake is heaven after a good nights sleep after two days of none.

I arrived yesterday and was interviewed by US Immigration, particularly about why I was deported in 2004 - the official was very understanding and simply wrote a date of departure in my passport looked at me and said have a nice stay. Thank you very much you lovely woman you - as I was picking up my papers she just said "Sorry about your daughter." and I looked her in the eye - I hadn't said anything about Emily but she obviously knew from looking at her computer screen.

Amazing how sensitive I (think) have become at picking up on moments of humanity - she knew what had happened and she wasn't happy about it; from the sucking of air between her teeth she did on occasion as she was reading from her computer screen it was clear she hadn't been happy and I was stealing myself for the very worst - getting turned around and sent back to the UK.

In fact she did exactly the opposite and after I packed my papers and my passport with a visa stamp in it, I shook her hand and said "Thank you."

An hours journey through rush hour New York traffic has brought me out into a small town called Nyack, and after a late night shopping trip I now have a clean set of undies, socks, couple pair of trousers and three or four shirts plus shaving cream and toothpaste.

The look on the US Customs officers face after clearing immigration was a classic. He had me open my suitcase and he quickly asked,"Where are your clothes?" - I was wearing everything and the case was packed with legal papers. After I explained the situation he smiled and passed me but not before confiscating a couple of tims of mushy peas and Sainsbury's basics curry sauce for Cindy, my custody attorney's paralegal.

Received an email from Cindy and she wasn't happy about that!

I also had a telephone call with David Ferguson, my attorney, who is trying to arrange visitation with Emily. We are looking for Saturday but we shall have to see so I am getting ready to fly down to Florida on Thursday or Friday depending on logistics.

Max and Dizzy - here's a message for you - Dad loves you very much and be good for Mum - see you all soon and look in on this tomorrow as I may have a surprise for you.

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