Sunday, May 04, 2008

24 Hour Countdown & Thanks

So I remember what this is all about - Emily Rose enjoying chocolate ice cream in DeBary, Florida in 2004

This time tomorrow I'll be on the plane and somewhere over the Atlantic south of Iceland en route to New York.

I have to say that I am chewing my arms off here with the interminable waiting - after so long I should have learned patience but when it comes to it, in these final hours I am becoming agitated and just want to go now.

Yesterday I posted regarding the miscreants but today, as I am amidst final preparation for the off a big "Thank You!" is in order to some very special people who have made this trip possible and here they are in no particular order:

David Thelen - The Committee for Missing Children
Atlanta, Georgia

Thank you Dave for the plane tickets and the support as well as the email humour - you are an inspiration my friend

Jill Jones-Soderman - Law is Not Justice Foundation
Nyack, New York

Thanks Jill for the lawyers especially the immigration attorney and the first dance is with you!

Brooks Newmark Member of Parliament for Braintree
House of Commons, London UK

My current MP and deserving of a big thank you for his efforts and his time as well as providing colouring materials for Dizzy during our meetings - a child friendly MP if ever there was one.

David Vedder - Immigration Attorney
Ormond Beach, Florida
Thank you Dave and Amanda for dealing with the US Embassy

The Parachute Regiment Association
The Airborne Forces Security Fund
Colchester, UK

Along with The Royal British Legion, a big thank you for the financial assistance in looking after my family in the UK.

Dennis Gray - 101 Uses for Babywipes
San Luis Obispo, California

A podcaster extrordinaire and role model for dad's everywhere - 100% of Evan's asked rated Dennis #1 Dad in the World - thank you Dennis!

Congressman John Mica
Congressional Aide Jean Carrero
Maitland, Florida

I'd like to thank Jean Carrero in particular for helping this Johnny Foreigner with her emails and letters to the US Department of State and the US Embassy, London - without the effort of Congressman Mica's offices I doubt I would have ever received any visas for court hearings at all

Simon Burns, Member of Parliament
(with David Cameron - Conservative Party Leader)
House of Commons, London UK

My former MP and a politician who took the time out of his busy schedule during an election to bring the UK Foreign Office and Department of Constitutional Affairs (now the British Ministry of Justice) together to thrash this bag of snakes out and the despatch of Paul Sizeman, Head of Consular Affairs to Washington DC to raise the issues directly with Assistant Secretary of State Maura Harty.

Teri Stoddard - Shared Parenting Works

Mum, sexy grandma and shared parenting advocate and writer as well as an all round good egg who whould have been snapped up off the market years ago but you guys are just too chicken to know a good woman when you see one!

Annie Armen - Journalist and Radio Host of
Annie Armen Live

The irrepressible host of Annie Armen Live and real tonic - when you need something cleaned up get a shot of Anniebiotics!

Heike - family advocate

Thanks Heike for everything including giving this fallschirmjaeger a shoulder when desperately needed.

Paul Tucker OBE, The Royal British Legion
Chelmsford, UK

Thank you to Mr Tucker OBE for the financial assistance rendered by The Royal British Legion and looking after my family here in the UK.

David Bennett - Attorney & Second Best Wit in London (after me!)
Salt Lake City, Utah

Thanks David for a great evening in London and your advice - drill sergeant impressions will be mandatory in New York shortly.

David Ferguson - Attorney, Woodard & Ferguson
Ormond Beach, Florida

Thanks "Big Wave" Dave and Cindy for everything these past 5 years

Bev & Gary Holt
DeBary, Florida

Thanks to both of you for looking after Emily when you could and I could not

Bill & Frank Jennings - The Brickhouse Bar & Grill
Deland, Florida

To all the Brickhouse Boys & Girls - Junior, Joe Bones, Scott, Warren, Big D, and even Connie and all the rest - thanks for making a stranger very welcome and I'm going to see you soon and pay my respects to Louis - Irish Car Bombs and Hoops mandatory

Allison Quets - Mother to Holly & Tyler
Orlando, Florida

From me to you - thank you!

Kathleen Grant - Attorney, GrantLaw
Wausau, Wisconsin

big thank you Kathleen for your help from the start - I hope we get to have that gin & tonic in due course

Tom Pearson -Attorney, Ericson, Pearson & Aanes

Tom, it has been a long time but thank you for your help in Minnesota


By neccessity, anonymous but M you are a lovely lady and I hope one day that the kids are all together and we get to trip the light fantastic - thank you to you and everyone up there.

Heather Rainbow

Thank you Heather for all the messages of support you have given; your encouragement has been a great personal help to me over time and more than you know

Josef Cannon - Actor/Director and left behind parent - Voice of National Identity Theft Campaign
Hollywood, California

Josef you opened my eyes to a different attitude and approach to this - thanks matey!

Walt & Vicky Mentzer - Private Investigator
DeLand, Florida

Dear Walt & Vicky, not to forget Snoopy the pocket dynamo, thanks for all of the help and in particular looking after me and putting up with a reprobate in your home. You guys have always been there and I am looking forward to getting back to see you as I owe you dinner as I recall!

Officer Rod Hancock - DeLand Police Department
DeLand, Florida

Rod ran the Citizens Police Academy and I have bumped into him policing the mean streets of DeLand on occasion - a great bloke and always had time for "English" but don't let him lose with a saw!

Angela Jackson & Francine Sindhoo - left behind mothers

Both succeeded in recovering their children against very high odds - if they can do it, so can I.

Loz & Maureen

Thank you!

Donna Hindle - ex wife to Emily's Dad
Chelmsford, UK

Never failing to be amazed at the trouble an ex husband can still cause, Donna has always been there from the start of this and has never flinched though she has winced on occasion.

Max & Dizzy Hindle

My two eldest children - I love you dearly and without you two, I would have given up - when things have been almost without hope you two have been and are tangible reminders of why Emily is so important and must come before me.

Jason & Anne Hindle - brother and sister-in-law

How on earth a sex kitten came to get hitched to my ugly runt of a brother is an amazing tribute to the power of Hindle charm or Anne's short sightedness - is there nothing a woman cannot overlook in a man?

See you soon and I miss you both too.

For all those I have missed off here - THANK YOU!!

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Heather Rainbow said...

You are very welcome. I just hope you are able to be reunited with your daughter. Much hugs to you!!