Friday, May 30, 2008

Sol Orior - Absentis Everriculum

Pardon my terrible latin but after this morning and the day I have had, something linguistically special is required.

Woke at 5am and went for a run in the cool before dawn, it was light and the beach was empty apart from the odd early bird and the surf sound that lulled me to sleep last night.

Coffee from the donut shop across the road and walk the 20 yards or so to the beach to watch sun rise (sol orior) where, after watching a breathtaking sun burst I met Tony, one of my neighbours.

Tony is a surf fisherman, or at least he bluffs it very well with these surf rods and holders. Claiming he never catches anything, he has me holding his spare rod as the other one nearly bends in half and a few seconds later a foot long Blue Fish is wriggling on the sand at our feet. Being a brave sort, Tony looks at me with bemusement and confesses he's never had to take a fish off the hook before and lot's of laughter on both sides (except the fish wasn't laughing).

After such an introduction, Tony has given me a rod and some tackle and I have spent the day - absentis everriculum or gone fishing - casting off Ormond Beach in my hunt for Moby Dick or one of his breathren, alas nothing but it has been a fantastic day and I am very brown.

I printed some photographs of the day off my camera and came across my last fishing trip - crabbing with Max and Dizzy at Prittlewell in Essex. Seeing them on that day makes me weep inside for home and a cuddle with them; I'd even put up with their TV programmes blaring and have a smile on my face.

No news on Emily - hoped something would happen this weekend for visitation but nothing but Judge Doyle did fax the State Department's Kathy Ruckman to set up this conference.

Proxima Sed Non Corona - Close But No Cigar as far as that is concerned.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Hindle .ur making me jealous and hankering for the beach bum life now. We got cigars waiting for you for whenever. Remember you taught me PATIENCE IS NAME OF THE GAME, and as you well know I was never known for mine lol.TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT AND YOU SAW IT HAPPEN IN MY CASE, YOUR TURN NEXT BROTHER.Enjoy the peace and try not to get too homesick cos you know kids are okay back here. You will be back soon enough. Luv you lots xxxx your wee poppit.x