Saturday, May 03, 2008

Trial Date Set - 23rd May 2008

Docket sounding took place yesterday and a trial date has been set for 9.30am on 23rd May 2008.

Finally, after over 5 years of international cat and mouse, Emily Rose will now have the issues that confront her heard by a judge, His Honor Hudge John V Doyle at the Volusia County Courthouse in DeLand, Florida.

Given the inordinate delay in letting the court hear the case, Emily Rose has become permanently blinded in her right eye - she needed her medical treatment to have been concluded by the age of 3. I don't think Judge Doyle is going like what he is going to see so I have a personal message to the following:

Assistant Secretary of State Maura Harty, US Department of State
Former US Ambassador to the United Kingdom William Stamps Farrish
John Ballif, former Director OCI, State Department
Glenn Keiser, former Head US Central Authority, State Department
Barbara Greig, Team Leader, US Central Authority, State Department
Patricia Mintzer, Consular Official, US Embassy London
Captain Alan Osowski, DeBary District Commander, Volusia County Sherriff's Office, Florida
Deputy Sherriff Agostina, VCSO, Florida
Frank Sclafani, VCSO, Florida
Teresa Anderson, Attorney of Abeles & Anderson, DeBary, Florida
Roberta Miranda, Investigator, Dept. of Children & Families, DeLand, Florida
Richard Brown,Investigator, Dept. of Children & Families, DeLand, Florida
Dan Testerman, Dept. of Children & Families, DeLand, Florida
David Howe, Supervisor, Dept of Children & Families, Florida
Tom Sylvester, Program Director, Dept of Children Families DeLand, Florida


Here's some 101 in Dealing with Emily's Dad:

1. don't lie - you get caught eventually;
2. children being allowed to go blind is not acceptable just because it is not life threatening;
3. children are not given to convicted pedophiles as part of child protection arrangements
4. do what the judge tells you - they are called "orders" for a reason;
5. obey the law - it is generally a very good idea;
6. do not falsify reports (Captain Osowski, Roberta Miranda & Barbara Greig in mind here) - you get caught eventually;
7. the most powerful force on the planet is the love and bond between children and their parents - interfere with that at your own considerable peril;
8. Judge Doyle is a rare breed in my experience of US officialdom - His Honor is honest, uncorruptible, and has integrity - His Honor is not stupid - you all have made me out to be a monster but I think you are more frightened of His Honor than Karl Hindle.
9. Gandhi took on an Empire and won - "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight and then you win." - guess where you are right now on this curve and keep guessing because I know exactly where you are - in a bare knuckle fist fight and this is going to get bloody as hell (in a completely metaphorical lawful way); and
10. Henry Kissinger on dealing with terrorists said, "Pursue them coldly and relentlessly, with no emotion and let them realize there is nowhere to hide."

Better yet;

"It's their rink, it's their ice, it's their referee, it's their crowd but tonight we are going to nail those *******'s" - Paul Newman in Slapshot.

Osowski - Anderson - Greig
5 years and counting - coming ready or not!

Currently, all contact with Emily Rose has ceased and we have heard nothing back in respect of various requests to arrange access for Emily and I.

There is a huge worry in my mind that Sheila, Emily's mother will not show or has disappeared again but that is secondary as I am thinking more that I may get to see Emily Rose again after two years.

Last time I visited the US, Emily Rose had been locaed up in Kansas/Missouri and we had had no contact for eighteen months - when we were first reunited I asked her if she knew who I was and she said "You're Dad!" - so I have no doubts Emily Rose will know who I am this time around.

The question in my mind is how much poison has Sheila put into Emily Rose's head?

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