Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th for Home & Emily Rose

5.18am in bed in Nyack, NY and just as I am doing a final check on emails and online "stuff" that is terribly indispensable, I notice the date - Friday the 13th!


What a day to go flying across the Atlantic; if the pilot is out on the tarmac apron kicking the tyres on the aircraft, I think I'd better miss the flight.

Not to worry, I'm not superstitious and Friday the 13th is not exactly a day rooted in demonic myth but rather the Vatican. A Pope of yore ordered the massacre of various crusader knights whom his holiness felt had become too big for their boots. I think they were called Cathars and were located in southern France while this piece of Papal banditry took place on Friday the 13th and the date has since been synonymous with bad luck.

Sod the superstition as I'm looking forward to cool air, decent tea and excited mutts at home as in less than twelve hours I should be back home in the UK.

It's been a little weird to be honest, so much has been accomplished but in truth the only substantive thing that matters is Emily and we haven't seen each other at all.


No access; no telephone calls; no talking; no playing; no laughing; no time in any shape or form.

Winston Churchill said, "Success is the ability to withstand failure time after time and carry on."

Someone else said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again in anticipation of a different result happening."

Never quit; never give in; keep going forward; stay cool; stay calm.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this trip possible and I'll be back.

Emily's Dad


mammabear said...

My heart cries to read that you have travelled so far yet still did not have the chance to simply hear Emily's voice even!
Even though we are in similiar circumstance, I will not say that I know how you feel...I hate when people tell me that.
I hope you have a support network for yourself back home.
Thank you for taking time to reply to my post.
Wishing you a safe travel home.


Anonymous said...

ello Karl the fight goes on just taking a wee while longer but you will get results trust me look at what I achieved with a lot help and support from fab people. Friday 13th St Christophers day too, PATRON SAINT TRAVELLERS or was it Christopher Columbas day ? lol oh well my memory aint what it was... getting hamered over head does things to a person.. hehe take care have a terrific flight winding other passengers up as only you can.. see you soon xxx P.S WELCOME HOME. AJ.

Anonymous said...

Oh Karl,I am so sorry you didn't get to see Emily. I have tears in my eyes knowing just how much effort you put into this. To think you flew, last moment from the other side of the world and no cooperation whatsover from Emily's mother. What is wrong with her?

If I could leave a message for Sheila, it would be this. It's time for you to get over it! This isn't about you, it's not about Karl. Not about who was right or who was wrong, or who makes the first compromise. This is about a little girl who deserves to spend time with BOTH of her parents. A little girl who one day will know her dad flew across the world to see her and was so close but mom wouldn't let it happen. A little girl who doesn't care the who, what, where, how, why... A little girl who is only interested in having fun with her dad. At least while she is young. One day Emily will grow up and have the capacity for formulate her own opinions. Why would ANY parent risk losing the respect, love, and relationship with their child by denying access?

Karl, I'm praying for you! I've been following your story for a few years now, and I remember the joy seeing the pics of you and Emily in 06. I hope this is all resolved soon, and it won't be long before we can see more pics of you and Emily soon!

Prayers and hugs,
Michelle aka Cubfanmommy

Hope4KidZ said...

Hello Karl,

I hope you do not mind if I leave a comment for Sheila, just in case she checks this web site.

My Message To Sheila:

This is NOT about YOU, this is about EMILY.
What is BEST for EMILY?

Leaving her with a sex offender? Trying to sell her as though she is mere property?

Please, do not be so selfish that you are blinded to the needs of Emily Rose. Please!

Sheila, you were once a child. Would you want the life you are making for Emily to have been imposed on you?

If you lived the life you are creating for Emily, Change! If I can break the cycle of abuse, so can you.

Think about Emily.. Please

Joanna Wright

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