Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back in the UK

Arrived back home in London yesterday and got home a little after 5pm GMT having snored most of the flight home.

Jen, my fellow passenger must have been a saint with Hindle blowing zzz's and if you are reading this now, I hope you and hubby are having a great time in old London afer what was for both of us one heck of a camping trip at JFK!

It's Sunday dinner with the sprogs here and being regaled with Father's Day cards and pressies and I can say I'm happy to be home and back with the children I can care about, not least because they really care about me and the look on their faces and tears in their eyes cannot be faked.

I'm a lucky man to have these children.

Tomorrow it is time to start working on getting further down the road with this mess.

Exhausted as I feel, there is nothing on this earth that will stop me from going forward and ending this shambolic, dishonourable mess created by the US Department of State and Sheila.

Today is Father's Day and I am Emily's Dad - knowing my little girl is somewhere out there and despite all the crap she has been put through by incompetent and/or criminal US officials who are more concerned about covering their dishonest butts than they are about protecting Americans is not sufficient to motivate me to continue.

Because I love Emily Rose and she loves me is all the motivation I need to go forward and I will.

Never quit, never give in, go forward with steel in your spine but love in your heart


Anonymous said...

please provide a contact email/number in your blog. We should talk.
A Brit in the US.

Anonymous said...

Please provide contact info (email/phone number) in your blog. We should talk.
(A Brit father in the US).

Heather Rainbow said...

((hugs)) to you. I'm sorry that it has been a struggle. Are there any laws in the UK which over rides the laws in the US in terms of these cases? What about a US immigration lawyer? UK family lawyer? Special Rapporteur

You are in the UK, and thereby closer to Switzerland / ie the UN office of Special Rapporteur Click Here for that info.

Just throwing out ideas for the next round.

Emily's Dad said...

Karl Hindle

Email me and we can hook up.