Saturday, June 21, 2008

US Embassy Visa Shennannigans Take 3

Jeff Gorsky of the Department of State advised Judge Doyle in their telephone conference that for a 10 year multpile entry visa to be issued I would have to return to the UK and apply for one at the US Embassy London and they will then consider it.

The last couple of days, Jill Jones-Soderman and I have been trying to get an appointment to be interviewed for the visa at the US Embassy London.

The State Department advise that they will not give me an interview appointment date until


Here is an email I received back from Kathy Ruckman, Deputy Director of the Office of Childrens Issues at the State Department and inheritor of Barbara Greig's mess:

"Ruckman, Kathleen S to me
show details 19 Jun (2 days ago) Reply

Mr. Hindle -
I am afraid that this wait for an appointment is typical for an embassy such as ours in London, which has an extremely high volume of visa applications. That said, if you have an urgent reason to travel back to the U.S., you will be granted an expedited appointment, as you were for your most recent visit.
Have you returned to London? How were your visits with Emily? Do you have photos?
Best, Kathy"

and my response:

"Karl Hindle to Kathleen,
show details 15:57 (21 hours ago) Reply

Dear Kathy,

I have returned to London.

There was no visitation with Emily.

Judge Doyle is waiting on the issuance of a 10 year multiple entry visa (or not) before delivering his ruling as has been discussed with your Mr Gorsky.

The delay is not acceptable under the circumstances; I understand you have been advised of Judge Doyle's findings of fact regarding the mother and Barbara together with the recantation of all of the allegations by the mother.

At this point the ball is in the State Department's court as to whether it is going to get with the program or continue irregardless of Judge Doyle.



Note, that is for an interview so they will consider the visa, not a date to actually give me a visa.

It appears that despite Judge Doyle's direct intervention with the State Department they are still playing silly sods.

Meanwhile, we are still waiting on Judge Doyle's ruling - please just give me the order Judge - then it can be appealed and my New York apeal attorneys are all set to get started on it.

As I said to someone I feel an especial affinity for yesterday - keep putting one foot in front of the other it's all a game to these people.


Heather Rainbow said...

as I'm sure you know... Florida judges have a habit of postponing decisions as long as possible... and when they do give one.. it is without opinion and therefore can not be appealed. (or, one has to force the opinion... if possible).

Where I currently am, I am attempting to help a father, and the courts (judge, who assures the lawyers) that this case should not go to trial, because then the courts would have to be responsible for their decision... and no court or judge wants that. Cause then they could get sued.

Anonymous said...

Oh Karl, I know how frustrating it must be to wait a few more months. I can't imagine the November date to be an unreasonable amount of time to gain the request you are seeking, with the 10 year multiple entry visa.

Perhaps your dealings with Ms. Ruckman will be far more beneficial to you than dealing with Barbara Greig. She sounds reasonable and interested in your case thus far. She's new and eager, don't mess it up by being snarky Karl! ;)

I'm trying to stay positive for you Karl, I see light at the end of the tunnel. Is it not good that the judge will wait on his ruling until you receive an answer regarding the Visa? Perhaps that will influence his decision and if, by chance, you are not granted the Visa he will rule in favor of Emily being returned to the UK? After all, it is and has been my understanding ALL along through this ordeal jurisdiction for a custodial hearing for Emily lies in the UK and NOT in the states.

I would like to know, if you can please update your blog, WHY jurisdiction for the custody hearing was NOT granted in the UK. What and how the Hague Convention can help..... and what reprocussions will Sheila face once the judge makes his ruling, should she not cooperate. I pray that is not the case, but with the history it is still a fear in my mind for you friend.

I think you are at the turning point. FINALLY! AFter all buddy, my Chicago Cubbies have the best record in MLB and I would trade another 100 years without a WS win for you to be with your precious Emily, (and many of my cold cases and missing persons to be solved!) It would be all too easy if I could REALLY make that trade my friend! So, keep the faith, it can and WILL happen!

as always, prayers and hugs!

Michelle aka Cubfanmommy.

ch said...

God bless you, my friend, and all the others who refuse to give up the fight. You are an inspiration to me as I fight my own battle. We must always remember to never give in, for our children are depending on us.