Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Mr Hindle I am issuing you with a visa."


I received a telephone call from "Jerry" of the US Embassy visa line at 5.50pm - would I be able to go into the US Embassy tomorrow morning at 8.00am for a visa interview?

Errrrrr ...actually no, I have children, school run and so on - I could make between 10 and 11 if that works?

It sure did and I turned up at the US Embassy London after a frantic evening of printing DS-156 forms, supporting documents and where the heck did I put my passport?

A brief visit this one - and at the end of a short interview I was told I could have a two year multiple entry visa and the "criminal" s3A2 designation was being removed from my file.

Now I have to wait for the passport to be returned in a week or so and see if this time they really do mean it.

OK - let's see; now we get to really deal with the meat in this bag of snakes - like why has Judge Doyle refused to hear this case on the factors and actively worked in favour of Emily's mum and not in the interest of Emily Rose?

Amongst other things.

Provincial or not - Judge Doyle should explain why Emily Rose has been allowed to go blind for the sake of a 50 cent eye patch at the very least when a High Court order under the Hague Convention was issued for little Emily to get medical treatment as a condition of being sent to Florida in the first instance.

My lawyers/civil rights people in New York think a judicial complaint in on the judge at the very least.

We shall see but now for the most important aspect of all of this - there is nothing standing between Emily and I having visitation except Emily's mum, the willingness of Judge Doyle to enforce it and the Atlantic Ocean.

The latter can be dealt with easily.


Anonymous said...

told you Karl enough questions getting asked and more people aware of cases such as yours and ours at some point have to sit up and take notice.well done you, kick butt...xxxx

Mona Lena said...


One Day AT A TIME!

Anonymous said...

Yea! I've been reading your blog for awhile and finally some good news.

Your case would make an interesting news story. Something like Dateline or 48 hours. Get your message out there via television and the state department will be embarASSed and maybe, finally something will get done for Emily.

heatherrainbow said...

Another milestone overcome! Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Kudos, Karl! It's been awhile, hasn't it? You deserve some good news, and I'm cheering for you and for Emily... Nothing new on my end, I'm afraid, but there's always tomorrow... Give me a call - Holly

Anonymous said...

yes questions are being asked big time