Tuesday, July 08, 2008

US Embassy Visa Shennannigans Take 4

Well what a surprise!

Awoke bleary eyed this morning after a very late night with an interview with Michael Shannon and myself on an Australian radio show regarding international child abduction.

The good news was before the interview; Jill Jones-Soderman gave me a call to let me know that the US Embassy, London would see me on 2nd October for an interview for the multiple entry visa and I could now request that the matter be expedited as advised by Mary Pacheco of the Office of Childrens Issues at the State Department in a recent email:

I called the Visa line today to request expediting the interview and visa process - guess what?

No record of the interview being made by Jill.

I was told to email the US Consul at the London Embassy and still request an expedited visa - it just got bounced back from the Embassy as deleted and unread even though the codes have been inserted as requested in the subject header.

Deep breath and stay cool Karl!

ciu36X Ref: HINDLE KE : Multiple Entry Visa Application & Interview
Karl Hindle
to londonconsular, GORSKYJH, PachecoMA, Kathleen, newmarkb, jean.carrero

show details 12:03 (23 minutes ago)

Dear Consul,

An appointment was made on my behalf by Jill Jones-Soderman using the US visa telephone number.

The appointment was made for 2nd October however on contacting the UK visa line they have found no record of the appointment being made.

I have contacted the UK visa line to request the interview and visa process for a multiple entry visitor visa be expedited as His Honor Judge John V Doyle hearing a custody matter concerning a minor child, Emily Rose Hindle in Volusia County, Florida is awaiting the issuance (or not) of a multiple entry visa before issuing his ruling in this matter and in accordance with instructions received from Mary Pacheco of the Office of Childrens Issues, Department of State.

I have been advised by Mary Pacheco you are aware of the issues surrounding this case so I shall not repeat them here.

Kindly advise by return.


s/Karl Hindle

Your e-mail was deleted without being read

from London, Consular
to Karl Hindle
date 8 July 2008 12:03
subject Your e-mail was deleted without being read
mailed-by state.gov

hide details 12:03 (25 minutes ago)


Your e-mail was deleted without being read.

"Appointment to apply for a Multiple Entry Visa

from Pacheco, Martha A
to hindle.karl@googlemail.com
cc "Gorsky, Jeffrey H"
date 27 June 2008 15:41
subject Appointment to apply for a Multiple Entry Visa
mailed-by state.gov

hide details 27 Jun (11 days ago)

Dear Mr. Hindle,

With reference to your e-mail of Tuesday, June 24 to Kathleen Ruckman and Jeffrey Gorsky, you have to work directly with the Consular Section in London for a visa appointment. The Consular Section in London is aware of your concerns, as well as the conversation with Judge Doyle that you mentioned. Please know, however that the wait time for a nonimmigrant visa appointment is currently 44 days. The lengthy wait time is a result of increased demand for visa services during the summer months and is not likely to change significantly in the next few weeks. Other applicants who deem their needs urgent are also asking for expedited service, and the Consular Section cannot accommodate all requests. While the Consular Section is aware informally of your interest in securing an expedited appointment, like other applicants, you must submit a formal request. When the Consular Section receives it, it will consider your needs among the dozens of others it has received at the same time. People with urgent medical needs or who are rushing to the funeral or bedside of an ill relative take priority over other requests.

The first step in making the formal request is to book an appointment, even if it is for a date further out than you would like. When you book the appointment, ask the operator for instructions on how to submit the formal request. This is necessary because the procedures involve a frequently changing code, and if you do not have the proper code your request will not be seen in a timely fashion.

It appears you already have this information but for your convenience, non-immigrant visa applicants may obtain appointments for visa application interviews in the U.S. Embassy’s Consular Section in London by following instructions on their website: http://london.usembassy.gov

Click on the tab that says “Visas to the U.S.”

Click on Applying for a Visa, then click on scheduling an interview, and you will find instructions on calling the Embassy’s Operator Assisted Information Service. According to the website, callers from within the United States who wish to obtain information on, or schedule an appointment for a nonimmigrant visa interview, should dial 1-866-382-3589.


Martha A. Pacheco

Abduction Unit Chief
Office of Children's Issues
Bureau of Consular Affairs
U.S. Department of State
Tel: (202) 736-9130
Fax: (202) 736-9132
E-mail: PachecoMA@state.gov"

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