Thursday, January 29, 2009

Deputy Doug Smith - Bay County Sherriff Call

Yesterday I posted on how I am back here in the United States and continuing efforts to contact Emily's mother to arrange visitation.

My telephone messages left on the answering machine have provoked a response - I was telephoned last night by Bay County Sherriff's officer, Deputy Doug Smith - Sheila is once more complaining of harassment and stalking.

Unlike the miscreants down in Volusia County (Captain Alan Osowski et al), Deputy Doug Smith seemed reasonable and advised he was simply filing a report and not proceedings with taking Sheila's complaint and was helpful even to the extent of offering the report number so I could use it in  court in future.

What get's my goat is the fact it is a criminal offense to interfere in visitation here in Florida BUT unless the judge does anything about it, the police either will not or cannot.

In other words, Sheila can quite happily carry on breaking the law and behaving criminally and nothing will be done by anybody - but woe and betide you Karl, if you call and ask to discuss visitation!

That requires a police response - I think we are now over the 300 mark for the number of times Sheila and her sisters and friends have called the police out on me but I remember the quizical response of Deputy Smith from last night when he asked me where I was; "Virginia." - given Sheila is 850 miles away in Florida I think Deputy Smith  understood only too well he was on a Fool's Errand.

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mary said...


I hope you get to see your daughter. All this BS you have gone through is amazing. What really gets me is that they call the sherriff when you are 850 miles away. Damn!

Congrats on the new judge. Keep posting.