Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Law Turned Upside Down - Emily's Dad Sued for Visitation Contempt

I opened my mail yesterday and received a note from the court - I must attend a hearing in Volusia County Court to answer a petition from Emily's mother for violating the visitation order.

I don't know what is going on because I've not been allowed to have my court ordered visitation by Sheila and have received no filing or notice from her.

I'm still waiting to hear from the court on my request for hearing time for not being allowed to have visitation with Emily last Thanksgiving and Christmas as ordered by the court nor on this occasion when I am in the US and have given notice.

I'll be heading down to see what is happening but there is no danger of being held in contempt for failing to pay child support as I am current with the court order.

This is just turning everything upside down - I can't get to see Emily because her mom says no, refuses to cooperate or communicate and calls the police if I turn up in the country and yet I have to drop my life to go to Florida to explain why I have not abided by the visitation order?



Anonymous said...

Time will tell, as long as you are doing the right thing it WILL work out, and you will have your day!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Karl. This is definately a surprise. Wonder what Emily's mom is up to. It will be interesting to see how Volusia county responds. I'm wondering if she is going to try to pull some crap saying visitation was to be in place B when it was already agreed upon at place A. Nah, she's going to try to get visitation removed entirely by attempting to claim you are not taking it. Man she will stop at nothing will she?

I really hope the judge hears BOTH petitions at the same time, Can they? and is it possible this will be the smoking gun. Emily's mom caught with the gun IN HER HAND, gun powder on her hand... and claiming you shot her while the darn gun is still in here hand all in the survellience of the court room.

You and Emily as always, are in our prayers.

mary said...

Damn the US courts are a mess. Hopefully the judge will hear you and force visitation on Emily's mother.