Thursday, March 05, 2009

Long Awaited Phone Call

I was sitting watching something on television when the phone rang yesterday evening - a little voice said, "It's me!" and for the first time since trial last year in May, Emily and I were able to talk to each other.

Emily turned 7 last weekend, though we didn't get to talk then, and we had a lot to talk about with her birthday presents and what she got and how she loves books and is good at art at school.  Just letting her talk so you can hear that beautiful little voice of hers but my hearing is going and I strained to pick out her words through her accent.

I'm not going to let the legal BS that is going on cloud a few wonderful moments with Emily, albeit on the telephone; I finally got to speak with my beautiful daughter and I am all the more determined I am going to get to see her soon.

Her mom still will not pick up the telephone and talk to me though.

No matter, I spoke with Emily and she is the one I care about.

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