Sunday, March 29, 2009

Something Worth Waiting For

It's just after 9.20pm and after a walk in the balmy evening air by the sea in down at heel Panama City, I now have my beautiful little girl curled up in bed and too excited to sleep.

Excitement must be genetic because exhausted as I am, I doubt I'll get any sleep for watching little Emily tonight.

For everyone I have met who is still waiting for their chance at what I have this evening - keep going, it's worth everything.


Anonymous said...

Be the best father that you can be for that precious little girl. Parents do not have an absolute right to their children, they have a responsibility to be a good parent and do the responsible thing. What you do today will build the foundation of your future relationship with your daughter. Make it a happy experience for you both.

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teriincali said...

God bless you Emily and Karl. It's about damn time. Love from California.


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