Saturday, March 28, 2009

Into the Storm

It is a balmy 70+ degrees here on the Gulf Coast but very murky and overcast due to the storm moving through.

I had to perform a double-take on the clock as my watch said 4pm but local clocks said 3 - we have crossed a timezone as well and gained an hour here in Panama City.

We're all set for 8pm local time and hopefully collecting Emily for some visitation at long last.  We have a stack of presents and stuff for her and now the long journey is finally over (it is a 14 hour road trip and 900 miles) I'm just looking forward to seeing that cheeky, smiling face I have dreamed of so many times.

There is no news from the other side that anything has changed though I understand my online stalker, Angela Jackson has been active in claiming I'm about to kidnap little Emily - but then again, anyone believing a word she has to say after the last couple of weeks of her atrocious behaviour would have to be clutching at straws, or just downright manipulative in trying to engineer a reason for visitation to now not occur - I'm thinking too much but then I've sat in this same hotel room on two previous occasions here in Panama City and never got to see my precious little girl.

Third time lucky and at least the storm has passed - we are forecast sunshine on Monday.


Anonymous said...

get a life man in your dreams you wish you had a stalker

Anonymous said...

who cares no one cares anymore your boring